Past Festivals

Hofesh Shechter Company – Technique & Grand Finale repertory

Marija Slavec – Vertigo Dance co. repertoire

Diego de la Rosa – Exploring Possibilities

Sumako Koseki – Buto dance

Young Won Song & Diego de la Rosa – partnering

Matan Levkowich – Animal Instinct

Marco Di Nardo – Floating Movements

Jonah Bokaer Choreography – Other Myths

Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre – Twisted Genders

Alexander Michael – Complex Foreverafter

Francesca Foscarini – CANTANDO SULLE OSSA

cia Baal – MiraMiro

Diego de la Rosa – “Seclusion” – Creation workshop with Teenagers

Christina Sougioultzi – Dance- Acrobatics workshop

Milan Herich – Down by spiral

Dance the city

Leto Karabini & Konstantina Proimaki | “Normal” and “Abnormal” body.

Syn-Kinisi dance co. – Teenagers’ group | In the beginning… the body

Video Dance official selection

Persa Stamatopoulou – Form and Space

cie Toula Limnaios – tempus fugit