The Awesome Performance

bytheway productions (CY)

28.07 | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

Tickets: 15€ regular – 12€ student, unemployed | For 2 performances

Arianna Marcoulides
Dancer/performer/choreographer. After her dance studies at SEAD (2004) she went on to the HfMDK in Frankfurt (2009) for a Masters in Contemporary Dance Education.

She started performing in Cyprus in 2006 and has retained a long-standing collaboration with PELMA Lia Haraki.

Her most recent performative collaborations have been with Milena Ugren Koulas, Alexandra Waierstall, Elena Antoniou, Alexis Vasiliou, Andria Michaelidou.

Nominated for ‘Excellence in Performance’ at STOCKHOLM FRINGE AWARDS 2021 in Andria Michaelidou’s piece ISOLATION.

Started choreographing in 2009 and co-founded Bytheway productions, a performance arts company, with Eleana Alexandrou and Eva Korae in 2013.

Her last piece was ‘LOITERING’ (2019) under the Politismos programme of the Cultural Services which was selected for the first Cyprus Choreographic Showcase (2020).

The theme of the performance is that of awe. The performers share, through movement, voice and song, firsthand experiences of their own individual memories, feelings, and perception of awe. They explore the possibilities of change when and after experiencing awe. The individual transformation and humbleness found in order to then seek a wider existential connectedness to our environment and surroundings. What is the role of awe in our lives. What is it there for? When do we experience it? Is it necessary? Is that what art is there for? Do we seek it out or does it just happen? How lasting is this life change?

The choreographer writes: “The moments when I have experienced awe are more often connected to nature. When I find myself at the top of mountain looking at the all-embracing landscape with a light breeze sweeping through the trees. Or on a boat seeing the sea stretch out across the horizon. I have experienced it when entering cathedrals and other architecturally grand buildings. And even when I saw famous pieces of art and performances that I never thought I would experience firsthand. It is in these moments that I find myself thinking in a more expansive way. It is this grand scale of the vastness of our universe that usually triggers these moments of awe for me. Realizing how miniscule of a speck we are brings me a sense of comfort and place on this planet.”

There is an element of quirkiness as well as humour present in the piece, which is characteristic of Bytheway productions aesthetic, with digital scenography and live sound design created especially for the piece. The two performers sit on two swings in an imagined space between heaven and earth, they experience this existential landscape and the expansion of time. They are in no rush to leave and yet are ready to leave in an instant, whenever it will be their time to go to their next phase. A deliberate sense of surrealism and other worldly aesthetic is created in order give space and to invite the audience in, to encourage them to remember their own experiences of awe and give them time and space to live those moments again.

This is the journey that the two performers take, they float, they wonder, and they awe.

Concept: Arianna Marcoulides
Content creators/Performers: Arianna Marcoulides, Eleana Alexandrou
Dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous
Sound design: Panos Bartzis
Digital Scenography: Maria Mitsi
Scenography: Eva Korae/Skinotechniki
Light Design: Alexander Jotovic
Costumes: Arianna Marcoulides
Supported by the Deputy Ministry of Culture of Cyprus.

28 July | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

bytheway productions – The Awesome Performance

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