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Christos Papadopoulos – Elvedon

ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble & Athanasia Kanellopoulou – RU(i)NS

Compagnie7273 – Tarab

Jose Agudo – Silk Road Creation Workshop

Jose Agudo – Creation workshop

Tsompanaki Eleni – Community dance: creative dance as a vehicle for communication for individuals 60+ and children 8+

Bush Hartshorn – Giving & Receiving feedback

Alexis Vassiliou – The embodiment of pleasure. Intimate (Inter)actions

G. Carrizo & F. Chartier – Peeping Tom

Agudo Dance Company – Silk Road, duet

Persa Stamatopoulou co. – Displacement The Road

cie Toula Limnaios – Contemporary dance and Composition

Toula Limnaios & Ralf Ollertz – Fascination and Violence: „the horde“

Sofia Kondylia – Architecture + Dance

Polina Kremasta – Apogeos technique

Aria Boumpaki – Awakening of kinetic consciousness

Spyros Kouvaras – Choreographic composition workshop

Christina Sougioultzi – Contemporary dance and acrobatics

Diego de la Rosa – Exploring Possibilities

Catalina Carrasco – Big Bang

Catalina Carrasco – Colours in motion

Martha Arnaoutoglou – ContaKids

Martha Arnaoutoglou – ContaKids

cie Toula Limnaios – isson

Juan Tirado –

Frantics – Last

Olia Tornaritou – Martha Graham Technique

Olia Tornaritou – Martha Graham Technique

Mavin Khoo – Ballet Class

Maria Boumpouli – Barre à terre & Ballet

David Zambrano – Flying Low & Passing Through

Dimitris Spyrou & Fotis Nikolaou – Connecting the voice with the body

McIntosh Jerahuni – Chirorodziva

Mehdi Farajpour – EMPTY BODY/ a meditative dance landscape

Mehdi Farajpour – EMPTY BODY

Pink Mama theatre – zielonooki

Christos Xyrafakis & Andy Xhuma – Ok that’s you…



Marianna Kavallieratos – BASTET

Editta Braun company – currently resident in

Nimrod Freed/Tami dance co. – Tennis-True Story

Milan Herich – A solo for Mr. Folk

Eduard Adam Orszulik – Is he?

MNT Projects – Grab

Roni Chadash – Goofy

Versiliadanza – Verso la Luce

UANA Dans – arba & retrouvailles

Jerahuni Movement Factory – Chirorodziva / The Sleeping Pool

Fotis Nikolaou – X-it Dancetheatre – These gentle hearts are like shot birds falling

cie laroque\ helene weinzierl – bluff


Jung In Lee – Skins

Jill Crovisier – Zement, the solo

Hofesh Shechter Company – Technique & Grand Finale repertory

Marija Slavec – Vertigo Dance co. repertoire

Diego de la Rosa – Exploring Possibilities

Sumako Koseki – Buto dance

Young Won Song & Diego de la Rosa – partnering

Matan Levkowich – Animal Instinct

Marco Di Nardo – Floating Movements

Jonah Bokaer Choreography – Other Myths

Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre – Twisted Genders

Alexander Michael – Complex Foreverafter

Francesca Foscarini – CANTANDO SULLE OSSA

cia Baal – MiraMiro

Milan Herich – Down by spiral

Dance the city

Video Dance official selection

Persa Stamatopoulou – Form and Space

cie Toula Limnaios – tempus fugit

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