Past Festivals

ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble & Athanasia Kanellopoulou – RU(i)NS

Tsompanaki Eleni – Community dance: creative dance as a vehicle for communication for individuals 60+ and children 8+

Alexis Vassiliou – The embodiment of pleasure. Intimate (Inter)actions

cie Toula Limnaios – Contemporary dance and Composition

Toula Limnaios & Ralf Ollertz – Fascination and Violence: „the horde“

Aria Boumpaki – Awakening of kinetic consciousness

Spyros Kouvaras – Choreographic composition workshop

Judith Sánchez Ruíz – “Your Own God” – A Site Specific Laboratory

Christina Sougioultzi – Contemporary dance and acrobatics

Dimitris Spyrou & Fotis Nikolaou – Connecting the voice with the body

Mehdi Farajpour – EMPTY BODY/ a meditative dance landscape

Milan Herich – A solo for Mr. Folk

Eduard Adam Orszulik – Is he?

MNT Projects – Grab

Roni Chadash – Goofy

Versiliadanza – Verso la Luce

UANA Dans – arba & retrouvailles

Jerahuni Movement Factory – Chirorodziva / The Sleeping Pool

Fotis Nikolaou – X-it Dancetheatre – These gentle hearts are like shot birds falling

cie laroque\ helene weinzierl – bluff


Jung In Lee – Skins

Jill Crovisier – Zement, the solo