The Sad-Mad Method

Cia Carla Sistere (ES)

22.07 | 20:00 | Yali Tzamisi sqr.

Free entrance

Carla Sisteré, performer, creator and contemporary dance teacher, interested in improvisation, qualities, textures of movement and physical theater. As a performer, she currently works with: Otradanza (La Banda), Mireia Piñol (Stragils), Requardt & Rosenberg (Future Cargo) and Cia Vero Cendoya (La Partida).

With the desire to spread the world her point of view in dance, Carla creates her own project Cia. Carla Sisteré. Her work has a very particular movement, teaching it for different dance students, based on changing qualities and rhythms like fast or slow motion. She has a very cinematic eye on creating, influenced by aesthetics of the 50s, 60s and 70s. As a choreographer, she created two solos: “”As Yet Untitled; Inspired by Poet As Housewife” and “Let’s talk about Love”. Also, as a guest choreographer she created “The Odd Hotel” for a youth company Hanami and “Popcorns, please” to Associació de Dansa Contemporània de Sabadell.

“The Sad-Mad Method” is a journey spun by popcorn. A story of hate and self-love. It talks about how to get out when we bottom out. A personal transformation coated in dirt and confetti. This duet is a strong combination between theater and dance, specially created for unconventional spaces and all types of audience.

Choreographer, Director & Dancer: Carla Sisteré
Dancer & Production Manager: Anna Sagrera
Music Compositor: Alexander Espinoza
Costume Designer: Miona
Supported by: L’Escorxador D’Elx, Centre Cívic Can Clariana, Red Acieloabierto, Plataforma La Vivas, SaT!
& Instituto Cervantes Atenas


22 July | 20:00 | Yali Tzamisi sqr.

Cia Carla Sistere – The Sad-Mad Method

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