How to apply?

14th Dance Days Chania

CHANIA 05.10.2023

We announce with great interest the submission of applications for participating in Dance Days Chania 2024. We cite below the terms and conditions for participating in the festival and its mode of operation (modus operandi).

The International Contemporary Dance Festival DANCE DAYS CHANIA invites you to submit your performance and/or workshop proposals for its 14th edition. The festival through its sections, aims to highlight different choreographic and creative approaches of the contemporary dance scene, to provide equal space for creators, to support research practices and artistic exchanges.

-> Possible dates of realization: July 20th – August 4th 2024.



  1. Applications are submitted for the following categories:

– Participation in the festival with a performance and a site specific performance

– Participation in the festival with a workshop

– Participation in the festival with a video dance work

– Participation in the festival with a project in the section “New creators and Public Space”

– Participation in the festival in the transnational artistic residency program

2. Applications submission for performances and/or workshops dates are from October 5th 2023 until December 1st 2023 (23:59 Greek time) at our website: .


B1.General terms of submissions

The festival Dance Days Chania 2024 (DDC14)

B1.1. The festival may accommodate performances from fifteen (15′) with up to sixty (60’) minutes duration.

B1.2. The chosen artists must present in the Festival their work submitted in their initial application without modifications. Otherwise the organizing committee is legalized to cancel the participation.

B1.3 Accepting the application of participation in the Festival binds the participants to its requirements.

B1.4  Every applicant is allowed to submit more than 1 (one) artistic proposals.


Β2.1 Participation in the Festival with a performance requires:

– Video link presenting the entire performance (total duration of the piece not a trailer) with the download option available

– New Choreographers and only, can submit a video from a rehearsal with the proposing piece at its final stage

– Photos of the work

– Brief description of the performance

– Technical requirements

– Brief biographical note (choreographer – company)

The required material shall be send on time through wetransfer otherwise in one email to [email protected] and the video must provide the download option.

B2.2 Participation in the Festival with a workshop requires:

– A video – teaser link with the candidate teaching the workshop or a lesson (short duration), with the download option available

– Detailed description of the workshop

– Proposed duration (days/hours)

– Brief biographical note

The required material shall be send on time through wetransfer otherwise in one email to [email protected] and the video must provide the download option.


  1. Applications which will not include the above material and documents, per case, will be considered incomplete for evaluation and therefore invalid.
  2. Necessary condition for the valid submission of a proposal is the completion of the published application form which can be found at .
  3. The chosen artists will be informed via e-mail for the final selection, within forty (40) days, beginning from the day after the applications’ submission closing date.


C1. Possible dates for the realization of the 14th Dance Days Chania Festival are held in the period from July 20th until August 4th.

C2. Performances, workshops and site specific performances are taking place at indoor and outdoor theaters, studios or other suitable venues and cultural points in Chania.

C3.The Festival’s venues of all events and the relevant details (stage dimensions, technical specifications e.t.c.) will be announced to the participants after the announcement  regarding their participation.



D1. Participating companies and artists can attend all performances and events of the festival with free admission.



E1.The parties agree to collaborate in the best possible manner achieving the desired aim

E2. In the case the participant/s as described above in A.2 will cancel he/their participation after the Festival’s announcement, he/they are responsible to pay any possible expenses made until that point (transportation costs, accommodation etc.).

E3. No liability is incurred by the parties in the case of cancellation of the participation for reasons of force majeure throughout its duration. The part that is being inflicted is obliged to inform the other within a reasonable time.

Ε4. Disputes/differences between the parties will be resolved by negotiation


F1.The companies will have a general rehearsal in the venue where the performance will take place with all technical support and infrastructure provided. The general rehearsal takes place either in the evening before the performance or the same day of it.

F2. The hours for rehearsal and technical set up are determined between the participants and the responsible technician, taking into account the entire program of the festival.

The technical manager of the festival is coming in contact with the participating company/ artist in order to rearrange the technical sheet and prepare the technical equipment for the need of the piece according to the capabilities of each venue.

F3. For further rehearsals, studio space will be provided upon request, after consultation with the technical support team. The studio will be provided according to the days availability and in case of free time.



G1.The participants agree the festival to reproduce the material related with their event in t.v., radio, press and the internet for promotional and informational reasons.

G2.The participants will have the opportunity to purchase from the professional associate of their event’s material (photographs, video).

G3.The reproduction by the organizer for his own archiving only, is free.

G4. Participants must own the copyright of the material that will be made available at the festival. In case of penalties, the organization is not responsible for any liability.



H1.The Festival is providing its integrated technical support, light and sound technician as well as a floor manager available for all participant companies.

H2.The Festival is obliged to provide to the participants, in reasonable time, the technical plan of the performing venues selected for their presentations.

H3.The participants are obliged to inform the Festival, via e-mail, the latest within thirty (30) days after sending  the technical plan , if any changes needed.

H4.The companies wishing to bring their own technical crew are totally responsible for its expenses.


I1.The Festival’s organizers are responsible for the promotion of the Festival and its participants with:

– Posters

– Programs

– Flyers

– Further printed and audiovisual material

– Promotion via mass media (press conferences, advertising spots)

– Promotion via electronic press


I2. The participants may be advertised in the Festival as follows:

Providing each advertising material regarding their participation (photographs, video) to the organizers to be used:

a1.For the Festival’s promotion

a2.For the individual promotion of their work



The Festival is taking care of the participants ‘accommodation and informs them for the dates and place of accommodation, hotel’s address and e-mail address in reasonable time.

The participants will be hosted in hotels, pensions and rooms that the festival cooperates with.

Further EXPENSES than the room (use of phone, mini bar e.t.c.) or the house are charged to the participant/s

J3.Duration of the accommodation:

– Day of arrival

– Day of active participation in the Festival with performance or workshop

J4. With the completion of each event the participants are required to empty the room or house  of their accommodation, and depart.

J5. The participants wishing to stay longer, than the agreed time frame, should:

– inform at least twenty (20) days before their arrival the Festival’s organizers

– take care for their accommodation, beyond the Festival’s organization

J6. The participants during their active participation days with a performance, workshop or parallel events/actions will get discount coupons (10%-30%) for meals in selected from the Festival restaurants of the city.



The Festival’s organizers will undertake the transportation (arrival-departure) of the artists, participating in the Festival’s performances or workshops,   covering:

K1.Low cost air tickets up to 300,00€ (return tickets) per person.

The Festival is in response only for the expenses of the dancers, performers and choreographer of each participating company.

K2. For air tickets issued from companies with no low cost (discount) option the amount of 300,00€ will be covered by the Festival   and the remaining amount will be covered by the participant/s.

K3.Only one carry-on luggage and a personal item per person is permitted. The fees for carrying more luggage and sets will be charged to the participant/s only.

K4.The participants are obliged to announce the latest until February 15th 2024 the departure and return place to issuing their tickets.

K5.The Festival is not responsible for any lost luggage, sets or personal or not belongings of the participants remaining in the performance space, especially after the end of their performance.

K6.Changes from the participant/s of already booked tickets will be surcharged to the participant only, as well as the compensation owed to the travel agency.

K7.The Festival’s organizers are taking care of the participants’ transportation only:

– upon arriving  at the Chania airport, the Souda harbor and the Chania KTEL bus station  and going to the accommodation place

– departing from the accommodation place and going to the Chania airport, the Souda harbor and the Chania KTEL bus station



– The participants with a performance will receive the proceeds from their performance’s tickets sales. The tickets price includes the rate of Greek taxes, which is defined based on the current legislation.

– The participants with a workshop will be paid by agreement between the parties.

– In the case that two or more choreographies will be presented the same day, the participants will split the tickets’ proceeds.

– For performances with no tickets sales the parties will come to an agreement based on the partially coverage of the participation expenses.

– The payments are made in Euro and the organizers are only charged with the local bank’s remittance costs.

NOTE: From the above revenues the tax rate is withheld from the companies coming from abroad in case they are not registered in VIES system.

L2. The payment is made through bank transfer .The participant/s will issue an invoice  in any case before  the payment is made.

This is valid for the Greek and international participations.


M. The participants who are getting grants from institutions ,have the obligation to inform the Festival at least three (3) months earlier before its opening, if the institutions will be mentioned at the festival’s promotion material.

Thank you very much and we are looking forward for your application!

Organized by:

Syn-Kinisi” Association of Expressive Dance

Director & Artistic Director
Sofia Falierou
Dance Days Chania Organizing Team