Section: Meet the Choreographers

Mariana Collado & Lucio Baglivo

28.07  | 10:00 – 14:00

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Since the creation of our project “MyL” we have embarked on a two year creative process. Together, during this time, we have explored and discovered a way of creating which we felt would be interesting to share. It is for this reason that we decided to create some workshops in which we can offer and provide skills that we have discovered during this time.

In this class we will share the different guidelines that we used when creating. Nurturing a work of creation and investigation in which both languages of movement, Flamenco and Contemporary, are put at risk of leaving their comfort zone: communicating and understanding, putting each one to work, their weaknesses and strengths to one end:

The purpose of the workshop is to reflect within the scene the different proposed goals.

– Position the dancer, contemporary creator and performer within a rythmic, musicality, qualities of movement, concept, aesthetics, organicity within flamenco dance and viveversa.
-Nurture a piece of work and a dialogue of creation and investigation between both dance disciplines, without losing their own identity and, at the same time, respecting the essence of each one.
– Stimulate participants with different creative guidelines to generate their own search when creating their own project.
– To question the place that technique has with respect to the importance of the scene’s objective.


Aimed at anybody interested in the specific search for movement within different dance disciplines and the performing arts which Spanish dance, contemporary dance, Flamenco and theatre all are…. regardless of level.

Mariana Collado (1981) dancer from Almería graduated in Spanish Dance and Flamenco from the Professional Dance Conservatory of Almería (1999). She continues her comprehensive artistic training privately, with the help of various scholarships at centers for performing arts professionals, such as the Cristina Heeren De Flamenco Foundation in Seville. (2001) and the Mario Maya Flamenco Center for Scenic Studies in Granada (2002-2004). Right after she moved to Madrid to continue her training in different disciplines such as contemporary dance, theater, stage direction… Awarded First Prize for Solo Choreography at the XXI Madrid Spanish Dance and Flamenco Choreographic Contest with the choreography “El Cuervo y elReloj” by Kaari & Roni Martin (2012). Second Prize for Flamenco Dance at the II International Dance Festival of Almería (2011). Interpreter of the Manuel Liñan Company, in one of its latest productions, “La Otra Escena” (2020) premiered at Centro Conde Duque, where the choreographer will position the dancer in a much more interpretive and versatile role. Under the direction of Carlos Chamorro, he has been part of the “malucos Danza” Company since2012, performing different roles: As a choreographer and dancer, in the shows “LORCARELOADED” (2012), “SED” (2013) and in the choreographic pieces “MARIA ÁCIDA Y NIÑO LATRACA” and “SERES DORMIDOS” (2013). As assistant director, in “MUJERES DE JACINTO”(2016) and “LA CAJA DEL GUSANO” (2017). As co-director, choreographer and dancer in VECINOS (2016), VECINOS Y LA COMUNIDAD (2017), THE GODS DON’T CRY OR SHED TEARS(2018), SUNDAY SUITS (2019), LADY MAMBO (2021) premiered at the 36 MADRID FESTIVAL INDANCE. Together with the dancer and choreographer José Maldonado, she co-directs the show “BODEGÓN”, awarded by the XXIII FESTIVAL DE JEREZ, “PREMIO ARTISTA REVELACIÓN”(2019) and “GALERIA”, her second production, premiered at the XXV FESTIVAL DE JEREZ(2021). She directs and choreographs, together with the dancer.

Lucio Baglivo, the show “MyL 2.0” (2019) using a much more theatrical and risky language, where different disciplines coexist such as acrobatics, theater, contemporary dance and flamenco. And in 2021 they embark what will be his second production “ESTOPODRÍA SER IMPOSSIBLE” with the support of the Canal Choreographic Center, with a research residence and forming part of the programming of the SURGE MADRID Festivalthis year. Stage director of the show “VER, HEAR AND DANCE” by bailaor Francisco Hidalgo presented at the 2020 JEREZ FESTIVAL. Choreographer and dancer of the show “JITO ALAI, La tierra baila” by Josetxo Goia-Aribe, winner of the Gayarre Prize for the Scenic Project 2018. Soloist in the DRESSED TO DANCE show at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow (2012) and at The Israel Festival in Jerusalem (2013) directed by Carlos Chamorro and produced by Margaret Jova. Member of the Kaari & Roni Martín Company (Finland) from 2009 to the present, she is a creator and soloist in the shows “PIPPI LONG STOCKINGS” (2009), “FLAMENCO TRIOLOGíA” (2013) “KILL CARMEN”(2015) and “ANNA KARENINA” (2018) and the solos “EL CUERVO Y EL RELOJ” (2012) AND“LA FEMME ROUGE” (2016). Dancer of the “Rafael Aguilar Company” in the shows “BOLERO” and “CARMEN” (2008). In 2004, being part of the “Antonio Gades Company”in the shows “Fuenteovejuna”, “Bodas de Sangre” and “Carmen”. Participates in the XIIISEVILLE FLAMENCO BIENNIAL (2004), with the Andalusian Dance Center under the direction of Pepa Gamboa and Cristina Hoyos in the show “LOS CAMINOS DE LORCA”. Dancer of the Mario Maya Company with the show “UN, DOS, TRES…FA” within the FESTIVAL DE JEREZ (2003)

For information and registrations email to: [email protected]

28 July

10:00 – 14:00

Mariana Collado & Lucio Baglivo | REPERTOIRE WORKSHOP ON OUR PRODUCTION MYL (2.0)

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