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Evita Tsakalaki & Maria Kritsotaki

27.07 | 18:30 | Tampakaria district

Free entrance

A geographical and chronograph cartographic performance that negotiates the
limits of the freedom of an abandoned space in its coexistence with the “new
opportunity” of life. Two workers of art, sound and movement are in
conversation with the history of its materials through the eyes of the guest, the
partner and finally the host.
Does the space want to be occupied again?
Does it want to live a new life?
In what context? How intrusive can we be?
Are we welcome “invaders”?
Is the abandonment of a space, by human existence, an abandonment?

The space, as the central axis of the driving force of the project, determines the rays of movement and sound in a perpetual role-playing game with everything that moves in and out of it. Does an abandoned space need renovation or does it need support in what already exists and has emerged over time and history? Using their tools, the performers, through acquaintance and study, try to listen to the desire of the space with the overall goal of fulfilling the landscape’s u-topia. Maybe just our presence, our coexistence in the space/place and the places we carry with us, might be the gift that it dreamed to receive. A coexistence of places and spaces in a hyper-topia.

Idea/Performers: Evita Tsakalaki (creator & dancer), Maria Kritsotaki (creator &
Co-production: Dance Days Chania

“New creators and Public space” section

27 July | 18:30 | Tampakaria district

Evita Tsakalaki & Maria Kritsotaki – YOUR-topia

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