New creators and public space section

Evita Tsakalaki & Maria Kritsotaki

24.07 | 19:30 | “Kouloura” – Chalepa area

Free entrance

A few words about “New creators and Public space”
For the 5th consecutive year, the section “New Creators and Public Space” aims to host, support, develop and present projects by new creators from Greece. Connected to sites of the city, the DDC offers space for research and at the same time to the public the opportunity to follow a project in all its creative stages.
We present this year’s selected proposals in their “first steps” on their creative journey.

“The Other-Buildings,
from other worlds are made
the change they change
and other worlds
in other environments
from the one the other begets.

Again and again
the change
becomes a rock
And you get to know me again
and as long as you know me I become home.”

Into how many parts is a space divided and how many spaces does a place have? How many stories, other and from another time exist in the present of an environment? How many past times fit in our present and how many presents fit in our future?
How well do you know me?
In how many places are parts of this place scattered?
How has change in time and the repeatability of specific action affected the way it exists today?
How well do I know you?

The Other-Buildings spawned from quarries/dams, create the nostalgia of an earlier world which now exists only as a memory. Other-Buildings is a performance that deals with the concepts of change and repetition, taking inspiration from the elements of a space’s life/use and its history.
The repetition of an event or a certain act establishes the new situation and makes it home. The repetition of the unknown makes it familiar.
How many houses can a house house?

Concept & performance: Evita Tsakalaki (creator & dancer), Maria Kritsotaki (creator & musician)
Coproducer: Dance Days Chania

“New creators and public space” section

24 July | 19:30 | “Kouloura” – Chalepa area

Evita Tsakalaki & Maria Kritsotaki – Other-Buildings

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