Omen of Fάrιsa

Danae Dimitriadi & Dionysios Alamanos

24.07 | 19:30 | Yiali Tzamisi square

Free entrance

Sitting on top the horse’s back, sleep took me over and the mountains laughed. It has been forever since the first day yet we walk, carrying the weight of the memories our ancestors left. Kings and Queens, beggars and thieves, are masks that we wore to survive the dream. Is the sun burning my face ? or it’s just a cold breeze ? That cleansing my face from the unforgiving sin. Now the nightmares have gone hearing David’s song and I can rest into peace. I swear to the bird and I swear to the tree that I won’t stop walking until I find the sea.

Omen of Fárisa is a duet that was created for outdoor spaces in the context of the Pilgrims actions. The work follows two characters’ need for connection and contact as they remain constantly in close intimacy. It is inspired by the notion of pilgrimage as a simulation of a journey through life, animals, and natural landscapes. How can two separate trajectories meet and travel together? How can relationships interact and support each other? How can the hierarchy of humans and animals be broken?

Choreography – Performance: Danae & Dionysios
Music Composition: Constantine Skourlis
Cello: Konstantinos Chinis
With the support of: Melina Merkouri Open Air Theatre, Big Story Productions, Loop Dance Lab, Seli Kanou, Oktw Yoga Pilates, Apostolos Nikolaidis.

24 July | 19:30 | Yiali Tzamisi square

Danae & Dionysios – Omen of Fάrιsa

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