Góbi Dance Company

24.07 | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Tickets: 10€ regular – 8€ student, unemployed

Rita Góbi’s performances are brave, experimental and scrupulously choreographed, relying on her geometrical, minimalistic, even reductionistic style. Her choreographic concept is characterised by a harmony between instinctive, monotonous, repetitive, miniature movements, and the alterations of the body and state which are rooted in the movements – thus the set of movements always undergoes a slow and consistent transformation in her choreographies.

She created Freestyle in 2019 in collaboration with Japanese choreographer and dancer Ruri Mito. The piece is utterly characterised by playfulness, as well as the performers’ strong physical presence and vivid interactions. Theyconstantly react to each other’s actions while engaging in intense movements: running, jumping, swimming, being under or above the water. Yet the goal of this competition is not to being faster or to win, but to give harmonic or disharmonic responses to the other’s mysterious body signs.

Performers: Rita Góbi, Bea Egyed / Ruri Mito
Choreography: Rita Góbi
Music: Dávid Szegő
Light design: Pavla Beranová
Light technician: Péter Kiss
Dramaturgy: Anna Zsigó
Production assistants: Lena Hashimoto, Liliána Maros, Ágnes Bakk

Photos: Marcell Piti, Péter Peti
Video: Krisztián Pamuki

24 July | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Góbi Dance Company – Freestyle

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