A. Mikou, K. Bousmpoura, B. Panagiotara – Body & Urban Landscape

Ariadne Mikou, Konstantina Bousboura, Betina Panagiotara. BODY & URBAN LANDSCAPE: CHOREO-SPATIAL DRAMATURGIES

Dance Days Chania Summer Workshop

Ariadne Mikou, Konstantina Bousboura, Betina Panagiotara

Focusing on the interaction between body and public space, Choreo-spatial Dramaturgies propose choreographic events that are in dialogue with the city. What kind of methodologies are relevant to the observation and registration/documentation of the moving body in urban sites? How can we re-imagine the existing architecture that surrounds us? What kind of tools and techniques are useful for creating urban choreographic events? Keeping in mind these questions, the participants are invited to:

to discuss selected texts from the fields of anthropology, dramaturgy and architecture
to navigate and document specific urban landscapes of the city of Chania and to observe the interaction between moving body and space
to shape their choreo-spatial events conceptually, practically and ‘dramaturgically’

The workshop focuses on observation and documentation techniques, choreo-spatial practices and tools that are drawn from the fields of anthropology, architecture, and dramaturgy in order to revise the body-space relationship.

The workshop will culminate with the presentation of the documentary film Working Dancers by Konstantina Bousboura and Julia Martinez Heimann. The screening will give the opportunity to open a debate on the interaction of anthropology, dramaturgy, architecture and dance.

The workshop is designed for dancers, choreographers, architects, dramaturgs and researchers.

A. Mikou, K. Bousmpoura, B. Panagiotara

ARIADNE MIKOU is an independent artist-researcher and dance-scholar interested in experimental practices across dance, architecture, visual arts and media. She has presented her work in various venues and contexts across Europe, USA and New Zealand and as a performer, she has collaborated a.o.withAbigail Yager (Trisha Brown Dance Company), BojanaCvejic and Christina De Smedt, Virgilio Sieni, Ismael Ivo, Laura Boato.After graduating from the School of Architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR) she moved to USA in order to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from The Ohio State University with support from the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece (IKY) and while holding a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. In 2018, she was awarded her fully-funded PhD Degree in Interdisciplinary Choreographic Research from the University of Roehampton (UK). She teaches practice-based and theory courses in academic and community settings and her articles have been published in international journals. In 2011, she co-founded the futuremellon/NOT YET ART collective, and currently, she is co-curator of [SET.mefree] Dance & Movement on Screen.

For more info, please visit: amikou.com | www.futuremellon.com


KONSTANTINA BOUSMPOURA is an independent researcher, anthropologist, and filmmaker. She has been researching, directing and producing ethnographic documentaries on the subject of dance, politics and activism in Buenos Aires, Seville, and Athens since 2007. The documentary Feeling from Outside (2008, 18 ”) won 1st prize at the Certamen de CreaciónJovenSevilla 2009 (ESP) and was featured in many international festivals such as: XIV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (SKP, 2009), Habana Videodance Festival (CU), La Alternativa Hall (BCN-ESP). Her latest documentary Working Dancers (2016, 76),has been featured in international and Greek festivals as well as academic and non-academic workshops and conferences such as: Political Imagination Laboratory (University of Perugia-IT), Everyday Revolutions (ENG), Movement for the National Dance Law (ARG), Athens Video Dance Project 2019 (GR), and Dance Studies Association International Conference (University of Malta-Performing Arts). She is a member of the ACA educational and artistic organization based in Buenos Aires and since 2016 is a member of the advisory committee of the Ethnographic Film Festival of Athens.

For more info, please visit: www.workingdancers.com


BETINA PANAGIOTARA is a dance researcher and journalist living in Greece. In 2018, she was awarded her PhD at the University of Roehampton looking at the contemporary dance scene in Greece amidst the socio-political crisis, focusing on emerging artistic practices. Her research was supported by the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation. She holds a BA in Media, Culture and Communication and a MA in Dance Histories, Cultures and Practices. She teaches dance history, has worked at the Kalamata International Dance Festival and Animasyros Animation Festival, while she works with artists in research, dramaturgy and production. Her interests are in dramaturgy, dance history, politics, and animation in performance. She has participated with her research at international conferences, has published articles in scientific journals, and contributed to the book The Practice of Dramaturgy: Working on Actions in Performance (Georgelou, Protopapa&Theodoridou, 2016).

URL: https://roehampton.academia.edu/BetinaPanagiotara

19 – 22 July

11:00 – 15:00

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