Live as a Leaf

“New creators and public space” section


31.07 | 19:00 | Park of St. Magdalene – Chalepa

Free entrance

A few words about “New creators and Public space”
For the 5th consecutive year, the section “New Creators and Public Space” aims to host, support, develop and present projects by new creators from Greece. Connected to sites of the city, the DDC offers space for research and at the same time to the public the opportunity to follow a project in all its creative stages.
We present this year’s selected proposals in their “first steps” on their creative journey.

The sound and movement based performance “Live as a leaf” invites visitors to a new experience of a daily walk in the surroundings of Agia Magdalene. Four performers interact with the body memory, sounds and textures of the gardens, creating a collage of imprinted elements from the time, life around them and the space they resident. In the mood of ephemeral explorers, 3 dancers and a musician will interact with the poetry that inhabits our everyday environment which we may not notice creating a new memory, a new collective experience between the place and the inhabitants who visit it daily.

Creation: Dafni Douli, Natalia Baka, Stella Tripolitaki
Sound design: Dimos Vryzas
Production: Underscore AMKE
Co-productions: Dance Days Chania

“New creators and public space” section

31 July | 19:00 | Park St. Magdalene – Chalepa area

UNDERSCORE – Live as a Leaf

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