Four More

Teatr A Part (PL)

25.07 | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

Tickets: 12€ (regular), 9€ (student, unemployed)

Teatr A Part is the author’s performing arts company of director Marcin Herich, founded in 2004 in Katowice in Poland. Teatr A Part is a theatre of body, movement, form and visual narration. In the realm of meaning, A Part’s performances reach deep into the human instincts and mysteries of existence, into emotions and imponderables.

The Theatre’s productions, presented on guest stages, in outdoor and non-theatrical spaces, at home and abroad, have been shown in 30 countries on 5 continents.

In 2018, the Theatre was awarded the Golden Mask, an award given by journalists of the Silesian Region, for its overall artistic achievements.

The Teatr A Part is the producer and organiser of the cyclical International Performing Arts Festival A Part, annual event of experimental and innovative performing arts.

“Four More” is a series of stage compositions for four female performers and their naked bodies, space, sound and light.

“One of the most famous engravings by Albrecht Dürer is ‘Four Naked Women’ (or ‘Four Witches’). Four naked women stand in a cramped, empty room. Each of them is positioned differently towards the viewer, and their eyes are directed towards something invisible. One has a small head on a large body and a strict, regular, almost classic profile. The second has a mildly contoured, pretty face with an expression of distress, and her body is younger than the rest. The third one has her back to us – her face is not visible. The fourth, which is half-hidden behind the rest, has a rustic face with incredibly tight lips. Their bodies are heavy. The naturalness and spontaneity of the bodies shown in the picture mean that we do not think about ancient grace, but rather about living nature.” Source: Painting Planet

Concept, direction, scenography, light design: Marcin Herich
Choreography cooperation: a team
Performers: Alina Bachara, Katarzyna Gogacz, Karolina Wosz, Marta Zielonka
Music: Clint Mansell, Dark Sanctuary, Fetish Park, Mr Geoffrey & JD Franzke, Social Interiors
Cooperation in the arrangement of space, scenery and light: Cezary Kruszyna
Premiere: 11th of November 2021
Co-financed by the Self-Government of the Silesian Voivodeship.
Co-financed by Institution of Culture Katowice City of Gardens (TEATROGRANTY 2021 competition).

25 July | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

Teatr A Part – Four More

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