Multipartnering workshop

Livia Balazova MM & Zebastian Mendez Marin

25.07 – 27.07  | 10:00 – 13:00

For information and registrations email to: [email protected]

It is the result of an investigation where we combine concepts from MINDCROSS and THE INTUITIVE BODY, to search for movement possibilities in situations of bodily interaction.

In the workshop we explore elements of association that can be applied in trios, quartets, quintets, groups and masses.

Through practice, the group will find a body state in which the cores of all participants are interconnected, through the relationship with the feet, the ground and control of body weight.

With exercises and games that involve the foundations of our practice, we open the way to study another element that is fundamental during partnering relationships: roles.

These will not be predetermined but will change constantly during the interaction. Understanding what role is being played is essential to boost action.

We will work the roles with games that involve different forces and inertia and concentrate energy at specific points depending on the dynamics. We will know different types of axes (the individual, the common and the referential) and we will study the forces that are contained in them.

– Develop the collective ability to work in diverse teams, in order to improve the physical and creative
capacities of those who participate.
– Stimulate horizontal creation.
– Develop skills for the resolution of difficulties through experimentation with roles and creative risks.

ZEBASTIÁN Μéndez Μarín
“I like to consider myself an artist, even though I am not always successful in creating it. But this elusiveness of art is where I like to play, devising strategies to address this alchemical practice.

I have been in the universe of theater since I was born and my training includes the school “in the field”.

I love collaborating with all kinds of artists (even those not directly associated with arts), because I enjoy the feedback and challenge of pursuing art with someone from a different “creative environment” while learning to communicate and include that environment in mine.”

Conservatorio El Barco (Costa Rica)

Artistic Direction / Divadlo Študio Tanca
EU.GENUS / Med a prach/Honey and dust
What the body does not remember / Ultima Vez

LÍVIA Balážová MM
“Coming from a country with strong folk roots greatly influenced my path. During my studies, in addition to classical and folk dance, I fell in love with the style of contemporary dance, which led me to discover authentic and dynamic movement possibilities.

I have always been a very energetic person. In addition to collaborating with various groups and traveling to learn about other cultures, I felt the need to create my own game-based training practice and share it with colleagues from different parts of the world. Adrenaline to the unknown is what drives my creative spirit to continue exploring.”

Konzervatórium J.L.Bellu Banská Bystrica (Slovakia)
SEAD (Austria)
P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium)

3×20 Ženy/Čin / Divadlo Štúdio Tanca
Millennial Magic Mirror / MimoOs
Speak low if you speak love / Ultima Vez

For information and registrations email to: [email protected]

25 – 27 July

10:00 – 13:00

Livia Balazova MM & Zebastian Mendez Marin | Multipartnering workshop

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