Christina Karpouzou

& Polina Chrysafi

Audience in Motion _ Our Motion

A game of encounters and avoidances.

A chess board of marked positions, defined distances and targeted repositioning (moving).

Bodies that never meet while attempting again and again to do so, as they fail to self-fulfill. They claim for presence, relation, interaction and physicality.

Objective difficulties, almost encounters, awkward and hesitate bodies, kinetic energy (powers) and explosions that never manifest.

What happens when desire is being deprived or forbidden?

The participants are not only observing or simply participating in the performance, but they play a definitive directional part as far as the performer’s beginning of movement and kinetic rhythm is concerned.

The player’s free and spontaneous travelling on the chess board, sets in motion the performer’s kinetic improvisational practice and instant composition. The performers respond, compose and communicate with each other, while being self-defined from the participants’ independent shifting from one position to the next.

Original Idea / Kinetic Research / Performance: Polina Chrysafi, Christina Karpouzou
Musical Score: Niovi Kitsiou
Costumes: Damian Chitiris
Photos / Promotional Material: Melina Koulia
Graphic Design: Spiros Kamposoulis

Site specific performance by new creators

29 July

19:30 Katehaki sqr.

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

Supported by:

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