Diego de la Rosa


Reinventing yourself is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and costs that not everybody is willing to pay. We live in an era in which, if we are not in constant development it will be hard to catch up.

Old values are being left behind. Traditions and culture from our ancestors are becoming outdated. Are we transitioning into a new “revolution”?

We are currently experiencing an immense shift in the way we work, and this is only going to increase over time, which is why humans need to be prepared for the workplace of the future. Many of our jobs are going to be replaced. Digital transformation is impacting all careers both present and future, and in order to stay ahead, we must prepare for jobs that don’t even exist today.

To prepare for a dynamic new future, humans must focus on being proactive and developing new skills because there is a high risk that if we do not pay attention we may become ‘useless’.

The older we get the harder that it will be to change. But the problem is not in our age; it is more likely to be in the way we think. Critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence should be implemented in our learning system, but is there anybody caring about it?

That being said, comes another question, what is it going to happen with all of these people who can not adapt to a new era? Are we going to find new fields for them? or are we going just to leave them…

Many people have already talked about the dehumanization and alienation of our specie during the last centuries. But for many of us haven’t interiorized this reality. It is going to be hard to face a world where you are no longer needed.

But, maybe rather than rising up against the new age and machines, all we need to is keep developing our careers, reshaping our minds, and work internally to make sure our skills align accordingly.

Are individuals ready to reinvent themselves?

Direction, Choreography and Concept: Diego de la Rosa
Costume: Diego de la Rosa
Music: Loscil
Supported by Dance Days Chania & Carlito Fluito

31 July

19:30 Sifaka str. – Rianou sqr.

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

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