Andria Michaelidou

01.08 | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Tickets: 12€ regular – 10€ student, unemployed | For 2 performances

‘Medusa’ (jellyfish) female Greek Mythological being Zoology (almost transparent animal without vertebrae, of the genus Skyphozoa that lives in the sea.

In Greek Mythology, Medusa is portrayed as a mermaid of monstrous form. It had the body and head of a woman and snakes for hair. Whoever saw her was stoned by fear.

Usually, its contact is painful for humans.

The piece is called ‘Meduses’ and consists of several parts. The choreographer will present the part with the title ‘ISOLATION’. ISOLATION is a solo based on the reflection of the powerful female symbol of Medusa that has been doomed to isolation and at the same time the myth and its various associations in our contemporary life. Medusa can be anyone who is rejected, one who is isolated from the crowd as a foreign body.

Idea/Choreographer: Andria Michaelidou
Stage construction/ Scenographer: Eva Korae, Makers will Make
Technical assistance: Constantinos Christodoulou
Dancer: Arianna Markoulides
Sound Editing: Giouri Do, (Nicolas Ntimas Music Production)
Costume Designer: Eleni Papavasiliou
Support: Department of Multimedia & Graphic Arts-CUT Cyprus University of Technology
Photos: Pavlos Vrionides, 20th Cyprus Choreography Platform 2021

1 August | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Andria Michaelidou – ISOLATION

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