Sánchez Ruíz

“Your Own God” – A Site Specific Laboratory

1 – 4.08

During an artistic practice of four days, students will receive a handful of tools such as; awareness, gravity, breathing and the ability to access or pull out movement spontaneously at any given occasion. By practicing improvisation throughout different formats, participants are able to focus on a bigger picture of processing through research and laboratory structures.

With opportunities in practice both inside and outside, site-specific laboratories will emerge in juxtaposition with impacting and compositional architectural resonances.

Level: This workshop is suitable for professional and advanced level dancers. CV and improvisation video will be asked.


Composers will interact with the choreographer, guiding the dancers to provide an original, semi-spontaneous score.

Combining architecture, movement composition and restless emotion, spaces come to life as structures are re-envisioned and re-assembled into vertiginous life forms: refined worlds begin to become visible.

The workshop’s site specific creation will be presented on August 4th (19:30) at Studio OxoNou during the 10th Dance Days Chania festival.

Fascinated by deconstruction as an artistic tool supplying complex potentials, I have created a structure that triggers your un/comfortable zone and guides you to reflect and study the unknown exploration of different approaches to the movement. The source of creativity has been my point. I stand questioning habits and how to break them. I set conditions in a form of information and find content in the unknown.

This information arrives to create physical, creative construction by liberating the mind. With these conditions of amiable and approachable imaginations the body can present itself in a different medium. Innate knowledge flourishes through practice.

1 – 4 August

09:30 – 13:30

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