Lamprini Gkolia

30.07 | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Tickets (For 2 performances of the evening) : 10€ (general admission)

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s homonymous novel, Lamprini Gkolia’s “Orlando” explores the inner-repressed thoughts of a body that travels in existential wanderings of self-acceptance, the necessary ‘other’ within a woman’s body.

Orlando naturally loved
solitary places,
vast views,
and to feel himself for ever, and ever,
and ever,
Virginia Woolf, Orlando

Directed, Choreographed & Performed by Lamprini Gkolia
Music Composition: Konstantina Polychronopoulou
Dramaturgy: Liza Kardami
Light Design: Sakis Birbilis
Text, Voice over & Costume: Lamprini Gkolia
Voice over: Periklis Skordilis

Special Thanks to: Periklis Skordilis, Spyros Christakis, Barlas Sahinoglu, Christos Kragiopoulos, Maria Manoukian, Vasilina Katerini & Eleni Lyra

30 July | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Lamprini Gkolia – ORLANDO

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