Barbara Bardaka – Home Street Home

“Do I wash? You wash.

Do I cook? You cook.

Do I shop? You shop.

Do I support? You support.

Do I tolerate? I tolerate.”


Τwo drunk people arrived at home, fell asleep in front of a screen and woke up as housemates. Exposed in a new environment, they will establish the rules of their co- existence, adjusting their personal needs. Through “settings” that are created sometimes by the circumstances and sometimes by themselves, they will realize that sharing parts of them is the way they were looking for in order to coexist peacefully.

Site specific performance by new creator


Concept / Choreography: Barbara Bardaka
Creation / Performance: Sophia Pouchtou, Barbara Bardaka
Live music: Thanos Sakellaridis
Space and set advisor: Maria Papachristodoulou
Image: Fotis Tsaloumas

30 July

20:00 Yali Tzamisi sqr. 

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

Supported by:

After- Talk: Home Street Home | The Attic

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