The malleable body: from sensitive to extreme

Alejandro Moya

27.07 – 29.07  | 16:00 – 19:00

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Supported by the Cervantes Instituto Atenas


  1. How to introduce osteopathic techniques to be used in dance education?
  2. What are the most useful acrobatic techniques to be adapted to different bodies and conditions?
  3. What is dance-theater? How to develop different skills that allow us to create a dramatic language trough the body?

How to develop a physicality that allows you to create different characters, each with their own stories and relationships between them? This workshop intertwines work with anatomy, individual physical virtues and tools from Dance-Theatre.

Starting out from work with muscular chains, we will explore the relationship between body and hidden emotions. In addition, we will work on individual physical virtues, in order for every participant to reach extremes that enrich their scenic potential.

The style will be framed within Dance-Theatre, using history as a source of inspiration, as well as anatomical knowledge and physical potential to materialize the emotions that we discover in the process.

Born in Madrid in 1993, he began to dance Break Dance on the street at 10 years of age. Since then he has been invited to dance, and compete around the world. With 15 years, he stated is contemporary career joined the Company Dani Pannullo. He studied contemporary dance and Osteopathy in Madrid. Continuing is dance career with companies like Sharon Fridman, Korsia or Antonio Ruz. During all his career, has been doing different works as a dancer for important brands like Nike, Adidas, Renault, H&M, etc. Since 2020 he is working with Peeping Tom. As a choreographer is developing is career with his piece Lucero. Taking the inspiration from the traditional folklore, literature, Spanish history, street language, etc. As a teacher is researching in different field. Using osteopathic view of the body in order to developed different ways to approach the physical structure.

For information and registrations email to: [email protected]

27 – 29 July

16:00 – 19:00

Alejandro Moya | The malleable body: from sensitive to extreme

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