We Are The Revolution

Collective Nest

29.07 | 21:00 | Studio Oxo Nou

Tickets: 8€ (general admission)

Welcome to our revolutionary show, hosted by none other than the forefather of unprecedented non-senses. Mr. Dada Himself delivers you a fresh performance that hasn’t happened yet, but certainly didn’t end well. And yes, of course you are free to tune in or stay home: deal with it!

Are we dreaming or is there really a wall? Are we shielded from the invisible hand of power? Is this screen our protection or does violence keep us behind bars? We broke out, obsessed with ideals about freedom and living in the golden glow of an all-promising future – We awoke to a present that shadows us, tracks our steps, makes us feel its breath on our necks. Principledness for the sake of it, optimisation for better or worse, rationalisation, efficiency, a generation outgrowing itself, soaring to ever more oxygen-poor heights! The future is a battlefield, a space not to be trusted. Who is watching us? Dream or coma? Intoxicated or befuddled? Revolution! The fear of going back makes us act. Activism – actionism. Bodies are dropping to the ground. Who is screaming? The future is slipping, slipping away from us. Further! Faster! Higher! Those who are overrun were not progressive enough. Those who pause lose. The aftermath will prove us right. We are the protagonists in this revolutionary draft of the future that will cost us our minds. Main actors in the most successful TV format of all time. Presented by the bloody Committee of Progress. The editors-in-chief pay homage to non-sense, a concept that has proven itself. The product of a relation whose character surprises… yes, it goes on and on! You can’t keep up? You don’t watch far enough! Or should it be: you don’t watch enough by far?

Choreographer: Paulina Będkowska
Dramaturg: Paul Simon
Dancers/performers: Kacper Szklarski, Katarzyna Paluch, Leon Stille, Mizuki Kori, Romain Lutinier
Scenography, costumes: Paulina Będkowska
Music: Leon Stille

29 July | 21:00 | Studio Oxo Nou

Collective Nest – We Are The Revolution

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