Nonsense Body

Section: Meet the Choreographers

Collective Nest

30.07  | 12:00 – 14:00

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Nonsense is anti-functional
Nonsense is anti-causal
Nonsense is conflict

How you’ve been lately? Feeling like a frame without its picture? Like a vase without flowers? There’s no point. You are conditional. Your present is the product of past days that you planned for your future. There is no right life in the wrong? We define a new right in which there is no more wrong.
Sit back, enjoy the parameterless infinity, take a puff of nonsense and get there!

Nonsense Body Workshop!

Methodologies for approaching the Nonsense Body: de-ranging, breaking causal chains and purpose-radiation.

The workshop starts with simple tasks, establishing a common understanding of Nonsense while activating the cognitive abilities, and gradually builds up to more dynamic and complex exercises, allowing the participants to fully dive into the proposed topic, both physically and mentally. Eventually the workshop leaves you with a practice that can be individualised and utilised in a great variety of creative works and processes, across all artistic disciplines.

A few of the potential workshop outcomes are the following:
Realising the patterns of movement, untapping the potential of drastic changes, to not plan the movement but think with the body, surprising yourself, confronting yourself, letting go of familiarity, being fully present in the moment – instant precision and sharpness.

The Nonsense Body Workshop is based on the creative research process that led to the dance piece “We are the Revolution” by Paulina Będkowska. Together with the dramaturg Paul Simon (the one and only) and the original cast of the piece a big toolbox was crafted and filled with many exercises and tasks around the topic of a Nonsense Body.

This duo of siblings began their collaboration in 2021 with their work on “We Are The Revolution”, which was produced and premiered in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Paulina and Paul, as choreographer and dramaturg respectively, now continue to collaborate on many different levels. Their debut performance was a success and has been presented at the first edition of DO Festival in Gdańsk, Szwalnia Theatre in Łódź as a part of the Tkalnia Ruchu project, at Miasto Ogrodów in Katowice and at Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska in Białystok.

For information and registrations email to: [email protected]

30 July

12:00 – 14:00

Collective Nest | Nonsense Body workshop

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