Entre-temps au grenier

Cie Entretemps

20.07 | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Tickets: 10€ regular – 8€ student, unemployed

In Entre-temps au grenier, Bénédicte Billiet and Sophia Otto share the stage for the first time as mother and daughter, as two dancers, as two women taking a breath together to remember. Which traces did the different gerenations of women and mothers before us leave on our lives? And where do they reencounter inside of us? Where does our movement come from and where does it go?

With our differences in age and experience, we go on a search for common origin, looking at what has been transmitted through generations and where inherited movement finds its ways through  changing bodies. Entre-temps au grenier is a walk through the attic, a dance with our memories, an intimate journey for two.

Dance and Choreography: Bénédicte Billiet, Sophia Otto
Outside Eye: Valentina Morales
Music: Voigt & Voigt, David Lang, Tom Waits, Joseph Haydn, Souad Massi, Ryuichi Sakamoto
Light Design: Mathieu Otto
Photos: Kenji Shinohe, Michael Zerban

20 July | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Cie Entretemps – Entre-temps au grenier

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