The workshop analyses the concepts:

Topic – Performance – Art Space – Environment – Costume – Duration – Audience.

Performance_Lab invites dancers, actors, artists and people who are familiar with performing in front of audience. We will engage in techniques and ways that will help us create our own work. With our physical presence being necessary, we will explore things in depth and we will share experiences drawn from the process of elaborating and conducting a complete Performance.


Ioannis Karounis

The works that will be created will be performances that may be at times premeditated following a certain scenario and other times spontaneous (improvised). They will always be presented to an audience but will not always require the audience’s participation. The key elements that will occupy our mind is how the performance will evolve inside a physical context, how it will evolve in specific time limits, the artist’s presence inside that context and the particular relationship that will develop between the artist and the audience.

The performance is an art medium that has a significant importance in high-culture art throughout the 20th century. Performance has been an inherent part in the development of art movements such as Futurism or Dada, which reflected, quite provocatively, artists’ shift from the conventional forms of painting, traditional sculpture, dance or theatre. In this new context, many artists turned to performance in order to redefine their art practice in a fresh eye.

The works created will be presented during the 9th Dance Days festival in Chania.

15 – 17 July

10:00 – 14:00

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