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Penny Eleftheriadou

31.07 | 19:30 | Ag. Kyriakis str. – Tampakaria

Free entrance

When you encounter the word restart, which other word and feeling automatically comes to mind? Assuming we could dilate the moment just before our decision, our transition, and our repositioning in the world, what would it reveal to us? your

The performance follows the personal path to the restart, focusing on the moment just before this takes place. It is immersed in space and time where everything is fluid and vague, where the imaginary order is a possible choice, where the perception of the environment is transparent and the options are the inner most desires. Contingencies fan out before the subject who plays and moves like an acrobat among them. The subject inhabits and is inhabited by space, comes in contact with reality anew and tests the possibilities of itself and its environment.

But what does it mean to inhabit a space? How does one reposition oneself in it and how do they participate in its shaping ? The body assimilates, resists and intervenes in public space in an attempt to restart and regenerate its relationship with it. Decision and change are suspended.

The dancing body attempts to convey stories and thoughts of a group through interviews focusing on the subject of restart.

Concept, choreography: Penny Eleftheriadou
Performance: Anna Apergi
Co-production: Dance Days Chania

“New creators and Public space” section

31 July | 19:30 | Ag. Kyriakis str. – Tampakaria

Penny Eleftheriadou – Restart

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