The group studies the character of life in the big city as well as the social ability of the human being to move and interact among those who share the same environment with him/her. It seeks this study through a sensory reading of the city, the daily life of which is examined on the basis of the terms of the physical experiences. Starting from two essays of G. Simmel on “Metropolitan Sense”, this approach explores the formation of the urban experience through the senses as they outline the sensate landscapes which frame everyday life. In Chania, which is at the same time an important urban (and tourist) attraction but also a provincial city, we find elements that can characterize a metropolis and a small town. For instance, social contacts are largely based on reciprocal acquaintances, with speech and hearing being in central position, while at the same time our perception of a “foreign” person is shaped by momentary visual impressions

The choreographic study will approach the function of the bodies (anonymous but also familiar) through this daily complexity of the collective urban experience, considering all the limitations and recommendations which have been imposed in recent months due to covid-19. It will focus on specific forms of interaction, on different relationships of proximity and distance (spatial and emotional), on the reciprocal view and on how people relate to the flow and movement in the city of Chania in the post covid -19 era. Here, the way of navigating in the city changes significantly depending on the place where I find myself for two reasons: the tourism, which in some areas is more intense than others, and the orientation of the city and its life towards the sea. The choreography will experiment with how walking, running, fast and slow urban mobility and stillness along with the sociological and spatial complexity of the city can evolve into an artistic urban intervention and thus produce a deeper awareness of life in Chania.


Choreography: Elena Dalamara
Dramaturgy: Anastasia Polychronidou
Music design part A: Constantine Chinis
Music part B: “Dal cielo cader vid’ io due stelle” -Luigi Rossi: Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar, Jakub Jοzef Orlinski
Performance: Eugenia Petropoulou, Despoina Gougouliana, Eva Koutsoupaki, Stamatina Kostiani

Site specific performance by new creator

31 July

13:00 Municipal Market of Chania

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

Supported by:

After-Talk session will take place at studio Oxo Nou at 20:30 under the theme: The body in the public space in the after covid-19 era.

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