Attracted by repulsion

Bente Bulens & Beata Rekemova (BE/SK)

01.08 | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

Tickets: 15€ regular – 12€ student, unemployed | For 3 performances

Bente Bulens:
Bente Bulens is a dancer, performer who just finished studying at PERA- School of Performing Arts in Cyprus. In her education she was performing different performances from Rafaela Sahyoun, Danae and Dionysios and Jos Baker. Before she started her bachelor dergree at PERA, she was member of G.A.P., gangaray artistic program in Budapest.

Beata Rekemova:
Beata Rekemova is a contemporary dancer, performer and creator from Slovakia. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree programme at PERA – School of Performing Arts in Cyprus, focusing on contemporary technique, improvisation and composition. Also, she danced in performances choreographed by Rafaela Sahyoun, Jos Baker, Danae Dimitriadi together with Dionysios Alamanos or Anton Lachky. Her interests are on physical body, connecting dance with visual arts, making art more inclusive and being a maker creating works that are a bridge to the world of contemporary art.

Two similar bodies are trying to connect with each other. With the magnetic space around them, they are attracted by the opposite repulsion—the feeling of repugnance toward something with a desire to be pulled toward it. The relationship between them is continually evolving. Listen, follow and acknowledge when to lead and hold back to gain trust. Moved by the ongoing soft energy in the space, and even when it stops, it continues within the space around the audience. Here, the force resists relatively to the motion between two bodies in contact. Can you see them separately? The first one depends on the other, however, the second one always keeps going. With whom do you empathize? In the end, they meet at the point of their similarity.

Created & Performed by: Bente Bulens & Beata Rekemova
Music: Roc Gomez Mongay (ES) – artistic name: Years Astray

1 August | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

Bente Bulens & Beata Rekemova – Attracted by repulsion

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