Eva Georgitsopoulou




The tittle of miTerra is a pun of the greek word “μητέρα” which means “mother” and the latin words “mi” and “terra” combined and translated as my Earth.

miTerra is a dance solo based on the technique & methods of improvisation. A creation inspired by and dedicated to a woman’s pathway.

It is a physical representation of a female body made to transform, to remain alive and through life to create a land for a new one. Made to build the ground for newborn pathways, to be exposed, to be aware or not, to be strong and vulnerable, to exist.

The female body appears on stage, creating its own pathway of existence. It constantly looks for its breath and movement in order to stand on its own legs. It overpasses any weakness that appears on its way by looking for physical empowerment through transforming its own appearance. It challenges its natural limits and faces exhaustion. The end of the pathway finds the female body accepting and standing by its human nature returning with the its only power left, its intelligence to transform.

Original idea, choreography & performance: Eva Georgitsopoulou
Music: Melina Kana – Siko Mana & Le Trio Joubran – AsFâr – Zawâj El Yamâm

27 July

20:30 Lighthouse – Venetian Port

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

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