Movement Intelligence (MI) Open workshop

Matan Levkowich

23.07 – 25.07  | 11:00 – 15:00

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The objective of the MI open workshop is to offer perspectives on the following question: What does it mean to have a meaningful physical relationship with your body?

In order to answer the question, we will examine how our body functions, expand our physical capacity and explore different ‘movement territories’. We will dive into a movement discourse and examine the connections between the time we spend in practice, to our day to day activities.

Solo practice
From warmups and ‘skills chasing’ to expressive explorations and nonfunctional improvisations. We will try to shed light on how and to build a self practice and why it might be needed.

Partner practice
Collaborative and competitive games. Fixed movement materials and task driven scores. Different touch qualities, social dynamics and interpersonal movement skills.

Communication Practice
Movement as a language. Learn how to converse with one or more partners. A space to reflect on our personal, cultural and habitual patterns. Time for integration and expansion in a non-goal oriented fashion.

Matan Levkowich is the founder of the Movement Lab – a vehicle for movement education and choreographic work. His movement practice is influenced by his diverse training in contemporary dance, martial arts, contact improvisation, somatic practises, applied anatomy and more. In the last decade, he devoted himself to educate people from all over the globe about better movement and to reflect upon urgent social phenomena through the medium of performance art. His passion for research and discovery drives him daily to expand his understanding and to further develop himself as a human being.

As a dancer, he danced in works of David Zambrano(VE), Martin Nachbar(GR), Alessandro Sciarroni (IT), Marco Torrice(IT), and others. His choreographic works have been presented in various dance festivals, cultural events, art galleries and museums. He has been touring in several countries in Europe and around such as: Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, England, Greece, Slovakia and Israel.

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For all workshops and masterclasses
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23 – 25 July

11:00 – 15:00

Matan Levkowich | Movement Intelligence (MI) Open workshop

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