It’s Simple, I am Complex


30.07 | 21:45 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Tickets: 12€ regular – 10€ student, unemployed | For 2 performances

Two bodies intertwined by synchonicity transcend space and time. It’s Simple, I am Complex dives into the essential matters of gender: individuality, acceptance, love, generosity, collectivity and community. The performance takes us into a collective passage to the beauty and humanity of moving together and being together.

In It’s Simple, I am Complex we veer away from the preexisting divisions of typical ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ forms, qualities, and movement. The binary system that we have built around gender has always been a misrepresentation of the actual complexity of the concept of gender. As we enter a time where individuality has become an essential aspect of personal development, we are now beginning to realise that this system is becoming obsolete. And yet, to think that we as human beings are able to comprehend the intricacy of a nonbinary system would also be a false assumption. Perhaps it is time for us to accept that we will never be able to fully grasp the complexity of the spectrum of our differences.

This performance was inspired by the book Animus and Anima by Carl & Emma Jung. According to this, the anima, being the feminine side of an individual; and the animus, the masculine side, are two entities that exist in each person. Because of this binary thinking towards gender, there will always be a part of our identity that must be suppressed, because it suits neither the Animus nor the Anima. This binary system robs us of the chance of fully reaching a point of complete self actualisation, as well as self-acceptance as human beings.

We all live a world full of complex paradoxes, run by people who are simply human.

Concept & choreography: Lucas Devroe
Artistic partner & dramaturge: Izah Hankammer
Original cast & co-creators: Astrid Klein Haneveld & Jochem Eerdekens
Second cast: Astrid Klein Haneveld & Seppe Bauters
Music composition: Huy Le
Coaching: Pia Meuthen
Scenographic input: Tanja Becher

30 July | 21:45 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

moOv – It’s Simple, I am Complex

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