Map of gestures is an attempt to observe and document through the body the ways in which we move through the urban space, in the flow of everyday life.


Map Legend

The everyday: ‘The everyday escapes, that is its definition.’

Walking: Through walking we form a primarily bodily relationship with the urban space: It is through walking that we experience and interact with the urban environment in ways sensorial and reflective at the same time.

Observation: ‘Observe the street from time to time, with some concern for system perhaps.’

Gesture: Gesture is experience that does not require verbal explanation. Also, All gestures are incomplete and have no meaning, until they integrate touch.

Site specific performance by new creator

Concept / Choreography: Stella Mastorosteriou
Dancers: Foteini Kontouli, Xeni Kottaki
Sound design: Alessandro Bartolena

1 August

20:00 Athinagora sqr. (Halidon str.)

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

Supported by:

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