Vicky Angelidou – In the darkness

In the darkness I vanish, I sink, I disappear.

I have to keep walking, opening the way.

And for those who I am invisible?

What can I do for those who pass me by?

After all, who does see and who does listen?

Who does live in the darkness?

I turn on the light and look

…maybe I will see even a bit beyond me.

Site specific performance by new creator


Choreography: Vicky Aggelidou
Performance: Eleni Tsihlaki, Vicky Aggelidou
Composition & sound engineering: Xavier Geerman
Text: excerpts from interviews with people with vision problems, who live in Chania.
*Eleni Tsihlaki is an amateur dancer with 60% visual impairment.

27 July

19:00 Despotaki Melchisedek sqr. 

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

Supported by:

After-Talk: The body that does not see in the public space.

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