Eleni Vlachou, Christina Zacharia, Rallou Karella

Mom, it’s not a phase

Adolescence is a personal matter

If it was an interview, it would be a physical one

And it was

The hidden story you see but not hear

It is that zeimbekiko, that tsifteteli

With Constantina’s John

Your favorite place

Andria’s bathroom, Romano’s rooftop, the school five-day excursion

What you hear

Danae’s walk, Jo’s walk, Evanescence

The school dance

It was there where you were unhappy, where you loved, where you were bored of the sad boys of Pangrati

It is not me who says this, it is you

Using as a methodological tool the physical interview, we collected the adolescent stories of a group of people and compose a collage of teenage memories. We try to remember our favorite places -personal and non-personal – the images and the stories we had forgotten and kept to ourselves, transferring our -then- adolescent introversion to our present bodies.

Our hidden story, our favorite place, our worst place, our dance in the bathroom and the school dance are all experiential situations, which if we recall and incorporate them again now, we realize that we weren’t as lonely as we thought.

Using the interviews’ archive material we set up a visual memory map in the space. It can be your room.

Creation, performance: Eleni Vlachou, Christina Zacharia, Rallou Karella
Visual creation, technical advisor: Katerina Magarini

Site specific performance by new creators

2 August

20:00 Despotaki Melchisedek sqr.

– Entrance free (limited number of seats) –

Supported by:

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