ehS came from another planet

Amalia Bennett, Antigone Gyra, Kinitiras (GR)

31.07 | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

Tickets: 12€ regular – 9€ student, unemployed | For 2 performances

Antigone Gyra created the company KINITIRAS dance spectacle in 1996 with which she has choreographed dozens of works to date, with grants from the Ministry of Culture and other institutions or independently, which have been presented in Greece and abroad.

From 2008 to 2019 she coordinated the first residency centre for performing arts in Greece, which offered on the cultural map of Athens research events, artists’ exchanges and artistic hospitality (

With Kinitiras she brings dance and physical theatre to primary and secondary education while organizing Erasmus+ youth exchange programs with the aim of social awareness (lgbtq+, refugees, hate speech etc.). In the last two years, she carried out two choreographic researches (Femininity in transition, Contemporary Dance and Third Age) with the support of foreign bodies and the Ministry of Culture.

She has collaborated with important directors and groups at the National Theatre and the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. She teaches movement and choreography in vocational schools.

Amalia Bennett has been working in Greece since 1993 as a dancer, choreographer, assistant choreographer, movement teacher for actors and improvisation teacher for dancers. She worked closely with Konstantinos Rigos, OKTANA Dance Theater and KTHBE for a decade while she has worked with the KINITIRAS CHOROTHEAMA team many times since 1993 to date. She also collaborates with the NATIONAL THEATRE and KTHBE as a dancer and choreographer as well as with Nikos Karathanos, Nikita Milivojevic and others important directors in Greece, Serbia, the Balkans and the world. During the 2022-23 season she directed and choreographed the “City Lights” on the main stage of the National Theatre of Greece – Rex theatre – Stage “Marika Kotopouli”.

“ehS came from another planet” is a solo improvisation performance directed by Amalia Bennett and Antigone Gyra and performed by the latter that falls under the research umbrella of Kinitiras, Femininity in Transition.

– How many times do you feel like a “fish out of its water?”
– How many times do you think that there is no room for your ideas and thoughts?
– How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror wondering where you are in this reflection?
– How many times do you wish to disappear without anyone noticing?
– How many times do you feel like you come from another planet?

This is a solo about otherness. It could be a trailer of a potential cult science fiction movie that talks about strange creatures living within us. These “creatures” are our thoughts, emotions, ideas which sometimes feel that are “coming from another planet” in consideration to what is happening inside and around us.

Amalia and Antigone worked together from distance and in person to create this solo improvisation performance investigating different possibilities carried by a body daring to return on stage after two and a half decades of absence.

Antigone attempts a series of metamorphosis throughout the solo, while discovering which otherness belongs to her.

The costume and the sound design co-exist in equal terms with the moving body exploring a deep dialogue of transformation between them.

Concept- Direction: Amalia Bennett, Antigone Gyra
Performed by Antigone Gyra
Costume: Evdokia Veropoulou
Sound Design: Orestis Tanis
Lighting Design: Anti Steve
Premiere: Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival 2022

31 July | 21:30 | Mikis Theodorakis theatre

Amalia Bennett, Antigone Gyra, Kinitiras – ehS came from another planet

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