Moving the New Abroad

Belinda Papavasiliou & Maria Kasapi

31.07 | 20:00 | Municipal Garden of Chania

Free entrance [limited number of seats]

Dance House Lemesos’, Moving the New, artistic residency programme has at its core the artistic development of Cyprus based artists that performing arts. The programme serves the goal of Dance House Lemesos that focuses on encouraging the continuous progress of local choreographers, dancers and artists from the field of performing arts, their participation within the broader European dance/performing arts scene, as well as the reinforcement of audience engagement.

As part of ‘Moving Abroad’ strand the selected artists have the opportunity to visit like-minded centres/organisations/festivals for 5 days, in order to explore their artistic idea further and present their research and methodologies with the local communities /audiences.

Belinda Papavasiliou – This is very specific

(part of the research project Vibrant matter)
During the ‘Moving the new’ residency programme, Belinda Papavasileiou explores how objects and materials can inform choreographic situations in space. Her practice is based on playing and experimenting with materials and their different qualities that direct and shape the choreography. Belinda’s interests focus on what happens in the process of the body’s interaction with the materials and the objects, as well as in what remains afterwards in the space as a choreographic installation.
someone said everything should happen effortlessly when people are watching BUT
this is not a performance
this is not a setting up
this is not a happening
this is not an event
and this is not the process or the work or the in-between
and she is not a dancer
she is not a worker she is not an activator and for sure this is not an object, not a material, not a sculpture
not a body
and this is definitely not
a random egg.
It could be something
that has not arrived yet
it does not know
what it is yet
and this i think could be something that no one is in control of
and this could feel just fine
it could be just fine I think
if it is something and nothing at the same time

Maria KasapiWOLF OR- 54

The project WOLF OR-54 in the context of the residency programme Moving the New, is a choreographic research by Maria Kasapi based on how the human being is affected by the creation of a new relationship. It explores how the different qualities and stages of this connection and relationship can be translated into movement.

How does a human being affect/influence another human being physically and mentally?
How is this influence experienced -consciously or unconsciously-?
Do they have a choice in terms of how and how much they will get affected?
Which is in favour in the end: the conscious or the unconscious?

Performers: Emily Cutler, Elisavet Panagiotou

Moving the New Abroad

31 July | 20:00 | Municipal Garden of Chania

Belinda Papavasiliou & Maria Kasapi

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