Eva Duda Dance Company – QUAN BUI QNOC: Blurry

“During the autumn of 2016 I had a chance to meet and work with the company of Éva Duda in the framework of a workshop, and I was fascinated by the stamina and the openness of the dancers to novel ideas and it inspired me to keep up the good work. Typically, my work is inspired by the people I work with. It is their stories, their fantasies and their dreams I care about. When starting a new rehearsal process, we share our stories and our dreams with each other and I always try to find the strongest ideas among them and develop them during the improvisations.”

Dance Days Chania Summer Performance

The conflict between the individual and its community is endless. Depicting how exposed we are, how we can lose our humanity might lull us to sleep, but it might wake us up to the brutal reality of everyday battles. Strong, raw movements, sudden and unexpected changes between scenes, which intentionally bring us out of our comfort zone and show us that the line between imagination and reality isn’t always sharp. The characters are driven by an instinctive and overwhelming force and show some well-known feelings with unmasked sincerity. Quan’s work is unusual, special, beautiful and shocking at the same time.

Eva Duda Dance Company – quest choreographer  – QUAN BUI QNOC

Quan started with strong classical ballet education in Vietnam, later leaves to France to learn contemporary dance. In 2002 he met Alain Platel and they created several pieces together, including Wolf, Vsprs and Pitié! He also creates his own project, Jump and Fall with Juliana Neves and Samuel Lefeuvre. He regularly works with the drama department of the Ghent Conservatory and offers courses in Belgium, Vietnam, Sweden and France.

Quan’s primary goal is not perfecting the form, but he still makes incredibly spectacular and complicated compositions, while expecting his dancers to learn a set of movements which are technically challenging and on a very high level. He aims at extreme and emotional solutions and is regarded as a groundbreaking artist in both his homeland and Belgium.

Performers: Bea Egyed, Orsolya Vitarius, Márton Csuzi, Gábor Ivanov, Andor Rusu
Music by: Jeromos Kovács
Light designer: Ferenc Payer
Costume designer: Julcsi Kiss
Choreographer assistant: Bea Csák
Production manager: Barbara Czveiber
Artistic director: Éva Duda
Choreographer: Quan Bui Qnoc
Supporters: Ministry of Human Resources, Independently Together (FÜGE), National Cultural Fund, Jurányi Art Incubator House, Budapest XI District Local Government

25  July

21:30 Venizelio Conservatory of Chania

Tickets: 10euro regular – 7euro student, unemployment

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