In the beginning… the body

        Photograph: George Anastasakis

An excerpt of the piece “Lost Paradise” by Syn-Kinisi Dance Company choreographed by Sofia Falierou. The teenagers’ group of the company studies the “original sin” story and composes choreographically its own version of the punished body. A body that imprints its own trajectory over time, sometimes with the silence of the guilt and sometimes with a loud boldness. Questioning the Primary Fear and the shame, the adolescent body revolts through dancing, proposing its own perspective that seems more relevant than ever…

Performance: Sabina Lampsakinou, Marianda Michael, Katerina Tzompanaki, Carmen Antoniou, Lito Lazaridi, Magda Pateraki, Aphrodite Manakou, Marianna Kourkounaki, Margarita Reizaki, Kleopatra Tsolaki.

Μusic:  Τaiko

28 July

22:30 | Open -air Municipal Cinema “Kipos”

– limited number of seats –

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