Nimrod Freed/Tami dance co. – PeepDance

Peep Dance challenges the perception of the traditional structure of viewing a dance-theatre piece and creates a new relationship between the audience and a site specific performance. It challenges and stretches the boundaries between the audience and the dancers, via fostering a dialogue between dance and other mediums.

The choreographer Nimrod Freed invites a random audience and passersby to an artistic event in the public space, in which he challenges the audience with a new observation experience in dance performances. He invites the audience to peep through peepholes in a dance performance inside a peep cell, to enjoy surprising angles of view and to watch contemporary dance in a new perspective, through a new lens.

PeepDance is exploring the connection between intimacy and daily life and between observation and voyeurism. The peeping action takes place anytime and everywhere in our virtual and physical space – between one another and between the regime and its citizens.Where is reality culture headed? Are we losing our right to privacy?

Peepdance – the body is the last place for freedom


PeepDance was premiered in 2007. Since then- A tremendous success both in Israel and around the world: Italy, Venice International Biennale for Architecture, Australia, N.Y.C/ SummerStage Central Park, China, Johannesburg, Spain, Portugal and more. Over 100,000 spectators have seen PeepDance and it has been reviewed as a breakthrough and a change to conventions of viewing habits in the dance world.

Peep Dance has won the Design & Emotion Conference Award in Hong Kong.

“One of the most memorable and innovative dances I have seen in a while” Dancing Perfectly Free, NY
“Pushing the boundaries …unique performances… outstanding” the Courier Mail, Australia
“PeepDance is fascinating us” Dance Magazine, NY
“Don’t miss it…” TimeOut Cypress
“Original…genuine…” Lithuania

26 July

19:30 | Katechaki sqr. – Venetian port

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