Marco Di Nardo – Floating Movements


Di Nardo



The Class is addressed to anyone that has experience contemporary dance or urban style.

We will be working on:

◦ Cardio exercises that they will help to have a better understanding of their Physicality and anatomy, helping the student to improve his strengthen and avoid future injuries.

◦ Body awareness, and playing with different quality of movements, such as body isolate, tatting and more, and focusing of how the body can travel in to the space with different rhythms and velocity and endless movements, using guided improvisation task.

◦ Technical and single dynamic movements from acrobatics and floor work elements that will help the students to get in touch with is own physicality.


He began his career in dance in 2002 in Naples. After many years of hard work, he became part of “Double B Rockers Crew”, one of the first Italian crew. In parallel, he started his first work experience in Theater with companies like Vittorio Toraldo, Laboratories Flegrei and Peppe Barra. He took part in many competitions and won numerous events around Europe. Berlin, was a life changing, professionally was the break ground where within the other 3 colleagues was founded the collective Frantics Dance Company. He recently worked with Wang Ramirez(France), Panorama Dance Theather(Swiss), Southpaw Dance Co(U.K.), Theather Sthral Berlin(Germany), Frantics Dance Co. (Germany) and collaborate with another choreographer. He has been teaching at Zaik, Köln(Germany), Marameo profi training, Berlin(Germany), Basel profi Traning, Basel(Swizerland), Taiwan Monday Class Tainan,(Taipei), NunOff, Barcelona (Spain), Stadtteather Gorlitz We dance Company, Gorlitz(Germany), Stadt Theather Kassel Johannes Wieland, Kassel, (Germany), ECHODRAMA CULTURAL GROUP, Skiathos,(Greece) Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne (Polnad), A_Space Dance Studio, Taipei(Taiwan), Maison De La Danse Lyon(France), School of Performing Arts, Valetta (Malta), TanzHaus nrw. Düsseldorf (Germany), Dance Days Chania(Greece) CDSH Contemporary Dance School Hamburg (Germany). SOZO Vision on movements Academy, Kassel(Germany), D.A.F. Dance Arts Faculty Rome(Italy), CCN Ballet Preljocaj – Pavillon Noir, Aix Provence(France).

The aim is to build a very high & dynamic energy. We will learn choreographies in which we will apply the elements we passed through during the class, where each one of us will add his own personality and movement quality to express himself individually.

24 – 26 July

14:30 – 17:00

For all workshops and masterclasses
please contact us at [email protected]

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