Dance Photography Exhibition

Dance Days Chania 2015 – 2019 

George Anastasakis

Danae Dionysios – UNCIA – Dance Days Chania 2016

Black box is often the space where a choreographic act is unraveled. A blackbox is also the space where a photograph is always crated. Starting from this relation we attempt to explore how a scene is born from the dark, either on the course of time or as time freezes. Assuming that darkness is non-space, we proceed to its definition with one or more shapes, bodies that materialise a meaning communicated while establishing order to the vagueness that tortures our sense of vision as we find ourselves inside the same blackbox.

Likewise the photographic frame, the lighting technician’s searchlight utters: “look, this deserves seeing, this is a body I cast light upon and it has something to say”. Alone there and overcoming its hesitance to reveal itself from darkness, it hopes its story appeals to us. The photographer, on the other hand, a blackbox within a blackbox, attempts to receive the emitted signal and transform it to a timeless annihilation of the dark distance between the bodies dancer and spectator.

Agudo dance co. – Silk Road – Dance Days Chania 2017

Eva Duda Dance Co. – QUAN BUI QNOC: Blurry – Dance Days Chania 2019

27 July – 4 August

San Rocco church – Splantzia sqr.

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