cie laroque\ helene weinzierl – As Far As We Are

It Will Take You As Far As You Can Get

The mutation to the crash-test dummy begins when you enter the room. You may be used to the situation of an overall accelerating situation, so you won’t realize how this one is taking you directly to a crash. Explore your limits of tolerance. Did we all become the crash-test dummies of the 21st century? But no dummy can exist without a wall. Are there any walls? If not… can we fly? AS FAR AS WE ARE.

Dance Days Chania Summer Performance

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Humor is a way to deal with the unbearable itself. The aim of this performance is to test this humor. AS FAR AS WE ARE will take the audience to their limits. Limits of perception and tolerance: charming at first, slowly the smiles will start to crack and reveal signs of discomfort. An experiment nobody should miss. An experiment for a self-reality check.

cie laroquehelene weinzierl  – an interactive performance – 

„A piece that seems serene, but incorporates both ingenious and perfidious elements. AS FAR AS WE ARE is a virtuoso-playful and yet abysmal high performance“.  Drehpunktkultur / Erhard Petzel

Artistic Direction, Choreography: Helene Weinzierl
in cooperation with: Nejma Larichi, Uwe Brauns, Luan de Lima, Alberto Cissello
Light Design: Peter Thalhamer
Music, Composition and Arrangement: Oliver Stotz
Management: Barbara Ruder
Contact: [email protected]
With the friendly support of: Austrian Embassy in Athens, bka Kunst, Salzburg Stadt: Kultur, Salzburg Land: Kultur
A production of cieLaroque/helene weinzierl in cooperation with tanzimpulse.

23  July

21:30 Venizelio Conservatory of Chania

Tickets: 10euro regular – 7euro student, unemployment — Limited number of available seats —

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