Chrysanthi Badeka – Videodance – A New Hybrid Art Form


A New Hybrid

Art Form

In a continuously transforming world, as creatives seek new expressive ways to teel their stories, the need to investigate different forms of communication becomes constantly more intense. For the last years, the video and contemporary technology have invaded the artistic scene, introducing new possibilities and creating multilayered means of expression for innovative ideas. Videodance was and still is an option. Video dance is by nature a composite artistic form. A hybrid that was developed and became independent, offering an endless field for research and creation to those experimenting who were lured  by the combination of arts. An inter-media expression tool that merges cohesive artistic events into wholeness.

The body , movement, performance, space, light, sound, colour, the costume, objects and each artistic environment coexist and are embedded to a cinematic ensemble, interacting within the frame.



Cinematic depiction of movement, composition, choreography or dance for the camera consist an impressive challenge for 21st century artists. The video dance work production develops inter-media was of thinking, as different creative fields collide, offering a new kind of experience to the artists. How do we develop a video dance idea? How do we move from vision to action? How do we direct movement? How do we choreograph fo the camera? How do we film a moving body? How do we follow movement? What angles overstate the choreography? What is the suitable equipment for our idea? How do we use light? How do we communicate with each other?

The workshop’s basic targets will be to answer all the aforementioned, as well as the introduction of the participants to the video dance art, the development of a common code, the experiential exchange of experience and practice, improvisation on the triptych body-dance-frame, the instantaneous composition of polymorphus elements, the flexible creative thought and interaction within the group and the immediate production of artwork having as basic principle collaborative and horizontal interaction. We’ll become full of moving images, we’ll exchange concerns, we’ll move together, we’ll compose fast, we’ll reconstruct space and body. In the end of the workshop we will leave with a small, intimate and teamwork cinematic footprint.


Camera recommended (DSLR, camcorder, smartphone etc.). Laptop with editing application (final cut pro, adobe premier) would be helpful if applicable.

20 – 21 July

10:00 – 15:00

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