how to behave when everything is different: a guide

New creators in the city section

Polena Kolia

01.08 | 19:00 | Tampakaria area – Ag. Kyriakis str.

Free entrance

Αn interactive and participatory performance-installation that remaps Tampakaria through the affective resonances that unfold in the encounter between human bodies with space and with non-human bodies. The chorography and choreography of the piece is activated by us, invited to partake as spectators and performers simultaneously. Together with the creator we build a surrealistic landscape that moves us sensationally and allows for the imaginative to cradle our real coexistence asking: how do we choose to live together? During 7 days, through collaborative social and expanded choreography practices, the local residents meet with the artist as co-creators to deal with what dance is and what Tampakaria are, reconstructing them as space through the partnership of movement, gaze and the affective place. The creator aims to disengage dance and the relations it weaves from notions and mechanisms of production, and for a community to be built which, through its creative authorship of the place, activates collective imagination towards more desirable and sustainable futures together in Tampakaria. Through your experience of the piece’s setting you also take care of the experience of the Other defining the body as a guide of social activation in the relation between individual and collective movement, sensation and change.

Concept and organisation of idea: Polena Kolia Petersen (creator & dancer)
Creative process: residents of Tampakaria & Chania, Polena Kolia Petersen
Performers: Polena Kolia Petersen, local residents & participant spectators
Dramaturgical mentoring: Rodia Vomvolou

New creators in the city section

1 August | 19:00 | Tampakaria area – Ag. Kyriakis str.

Polena Kolia – how to behave when everything is different: a guide

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