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Escape. body & environment

The workshop’s objective is to explore and bring out the relation between one’s body and the environment and everything around it.

It’s about a kinesthetic and spatial listing in which the participants are called to redefine themselves in space and time, by extracting the stimuli not only from all the external factors (smells, temperature, texture, ground, landscape, sounds) but also from inner-personal ones (memory), embodying the experience of the moment.

Acting in an experiential way and keeping in mind the sense that nature, as much as the urban space, become a parallel feeling, one “body” inside the bodies, we will search for the connection developed amongst them, the interaction between elements and feelings, the form that a body chooses to compose and work on when the conditions of the environment that surround it are not always under its own control, but also its contact with the human matter that co-exists at the same time.

The way in which the sole reacts to a surface that is not smooth, the movements of the limbs through a cluster of trees or branches, the sensation of temperature on the skin, the action and reaction to an outer noise, the glance of a passenger, the randomness and the unforeseen of the events and their evaluation at that very moment, are only a few of the things that we are going to explore during this workshop.

The goal of the whole research is to observe and listen to our body through a whole new dimension where the body’s  “ability to dance” does not result from technical skills/training, but derives from the way it chooses to connect to the surrounding environment.

It would be very interesting to use the microcosm of sensations put together by the collected images as the main material for the creation of a presentation after the workshop is completed, ideally at the same location where the workshop will be held, addressed to the public (maybe before the beginning or after the end of another performance).

The workshop is addressed to anyone who wants to explore an experiential body connection to the environment, regardless the age or any dance technical skills, thus creating a bridge that will not only connect all ages to each other, but also humans to their surrounding environment.

Born in Athens-Greece. Studied class and contemporary dance at the “CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL DE REGION  DE MUSIQUE,D’ART DRAMATIQUE ET DE LA DANCE” (Lyon,France) and at the “CENTRE INTERNATIONALDE LA DANCE” (Paris). Attended seminars of different contemporary dance techniques with: LarrioEksson, Bruno de Dizian, Christine Bastin, Carolyn Carlson, Peter Goss, Mark Tompkins, DominiqueDuszinski.

Teaches contemporary dance (release technique), improvisation and choreographic composition to professional and amateur dancers and actors.Collaborates as a teacher of contemporary dance with Upper professional dance and theater schools, forming a professional experience in art education of 23 years.

As a choreographer she created many contemporary dance pieces for her dance group named “PersaStamatopoulou Contemporary dance company”, performed in Greece and abroad (Holland, Sweden, Germany, Cuprus), all funded by the Ministry of Culture. Among them two of her productions received special awards of creativity.

She has also choreographed for theatrical plays, with special attention to the actor’s physical preparation to movement. She has collaborated with the Hellenic Festival of Athens and Epidaurus, with the Onassis Foundation for the Arts and Letters, with the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Benaki  Museum, the Kalamata  International Dance Festival and the International Dance Festival  of Chania (Dance days Chania).

In co-operation with the Artistic Network Motor (KINITIRAS), she gives seminars of improvisation and movement, creating a framework for the harmonious coexistence of professionals and amateurs of different types of art in order to create an inclusive dialogue of communication and meeting of different ages and experiences.

She continues to work as a choreographer and lecturer in contemporary dance. She has attended yoga and tai chi classes, combining the philosophy of specific activities in dance art.

Her dance pieces are governed by investigative simple and subtle aesthetics, in cooperation with the dancers, focusing on the human and the somatic expression.

26 – 28 July

16:00 – 19:00

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Persa Stamatopoulou @Dance Days Chania

περσα σταματοπουλου "Escape" – Body and Environment | "Απόδραση" – Σώμα και Περιβάλλον26.07 – 28.07 | 16:00 – 19:00info:

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