Dance Days Chania 2023


13th Dance Days Chania & Dance House Lemesos

Dance Days Chania strengthens the transnational artistic residency and for 2023 collaborates with the Dance House Lemesos (Cyprus), forming an artistic bridge for young artists between the two countries. In the framework of this collaboration, a call is being made by both institutions through which 1 artist from each country will be selected. The artists will be hosted in Chania in July 2023 for 7 days when the co-creation of a project will begin with the first presentation taking place at the 13th Dance Days Chania festival. The artists will then travel to Limassol for another 7 days in September and will share the development of their research at the Open House Festival of the Dance House Lemesos. The presentations of the project will take place with free admission for the public.

This is an expanded approach to the concept of residency, which focuses on highlighting the ‘footprint’ that such artistic partnerships, cultural conversations and social contexts leave on the venue.

During the open call, applications are accepted from artists active in the field of choreography based in Greece and Cyprus. The two organisations will select 2 artists (1 from each country).

>> 28.04.2023

Terms and Conditions

a) Interested persons must be available (some days) in May, June, July and September. More specifically:

In the month of May, zoom meetings will be held between the artists to meet and exchange thoughts/ideas related to the project and between the artists and the organizers for coordination issues.

First research session and presentation in the framework of the 13th Dance Days Chania. – Location: Chania, between July 17th – July 30th. The selected artists should be available one week during this period. The dates will be finalized at a later stage.

Second research period and presentation in the framework of the Open House Festival. – Location: Limassol, between September 22nd – October 1st. The selected artists should be available one week during this period. Dates will be finalised at a later stage.

b) Organizations may offer each artist the following:

– 14 days accommodation (7 days in Chania and 7 days in Limassol).
– Per diem for 14 days.
– Air tickets (Greece and Cyprus).
– A symbolic fee to each artist of 400€ (for both research periods).
– Artistic support (“outside eye”) during the research periods.


  • Name (artist/company):
  • Date of birth:
  • Email:
  • Phone number:
  • Primary language:
  • Brief biographical note:
  • Link to previous works/performances:
  • Which themes concern you and feed your research as an artist?
  • In what ways would you be helped artistically by the collaboration and creative interaction with the other non-intimate creator and why are you particularly interested in this condition at this time in your life and in your artistic research?

Please send the requested information (in pdf format) as indicated above to the following e-mail address: [email protected]


Last date for submission of interest is Friday 28/04/2023.

Selected artists will be informed by 07/05/2023.

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