a non performance

Alina Sokulska

30.07 | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Tickets (For 3 performances of the evening) : 15€ (regular), 12€ (student, unemployed)

PAUSE! and begin again…

The more we approach to our shadow, the smaller it becomes, until its complete disappearance in a physical meeting.

What happens when we meet our Shadow? what inevitable dramatic journey are we taking in the darkness, to get to the light, truth & peace? how do we gain strength to survive and create, finding resource in the darkest and most depressed corners of our subconscious?

“a non performance” as an action and an exhausting negation of the very action.

This piece is a research of the duality of human nature, the union of its archetypes & symbologies with Alina’s specific dance language, born in social dances & jazz, matured in the perspective of contemporary dance concepts.

Where is the silence in music, where is the stillness in movement, apathy in the action, ugliness in beauty and beauty in ugliness, a choice not to perform when you are expected to manifest, a strive to perform when you are cut off, fear and courage, an authenticity behind the facade? is truthful? is it beautiful? what is the Beautiful?

Together with a complexity of music by Ambrose Akinmusire, John Hollenbeck & the Claudia Quintet and verses of Kenneth Patchen, accompanying the piece, this improvography is an abstract reflection of the sensations of human life, approachable by a subtle means that is movement.

Choreography & Interpretation: Alina Sokulska
Artwork & Visual design: Daria Koshkina
Costume design: Anne-Cecile Espinach (Kimoh)
Photography: Yana Kolesnikowa & Alex Johnstone
Assistant: Lorena Arroyo

30 July | 21:30 | San Salvatore bastion (main stage)

Alina Sokulska – a non performance

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