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10th Dance Days Chania

CHANIA 23.11.2019

For the Festival’s 10th year of implementation and its 2nd consecutive year of the “New creators in the city“ section, we aim, among other activities, to establish and further enhance a platform supporting new creators. The chosen artists will travel and stay in Chania, in order to create and present works based on the urban fabric and environment, transforming the urban landscape into an organic and interactive dance scene.

New artists from European countries are invited to submit proposals for site specific creations, inspired and motivated by the city of Chania. The different point of view and approach on the one hand  will constitute the channel for new collaborations, facilitate the geographical translocation of the art of dance and promote the concept of cooperation and on the other hand  will highlight the meaning of creative partnership and syncretism of different perspectives and social conditions.  

We cite below the terms and conditions for implementing and participating in the “New creators in the city” section



Applications are submitted from 23.11.2019 until 12.01.2020 at our website:

The call for submission is about the participation in the Festival with a site specific performance (original creation), namely the creation of a project which will emerge and interconnect inextricably with specific places in the city of Chania.

We indicate that the applications are aiming new creators (up to two personal productions), pursuing the creation occasioned by the city as well as  encouraging the artistic research in the context of the creative process by new artists, with little production experience.

For the application submission is required to fill out the application form and to send the material necessary via wetransfer or otherwise by email with the option for downloading to [email protected] including:

  • A brief summary of the choreographic-creative proposal
  • A video of a previous creation (if exists) or an  improvisation
  • Proposals on the mode and  the means of implementation
  • The number of participants
  • Biographical notes of the participant/s


B1.1. Upon completion of the submission of the applications, the chosen applicants of the first phase will be notified by the organization to travel in Chania, within the month of February and for three days to tour the city, to determine the scope and the place of implementation, the number of participants, the logistics infrastructure and any other information required

B1.2 Upon completion of the first visit, the interested parties will submit their final proposal within one (1) month in its final version

B3.The announcement of the finalists (2nd and final phase)will be done via e- mail by the organization

B4. The organization is responsible for the travel and subsistence expenses, for as long as it is agreed on both sides to get to Chania in the context of the planning of the action, during the rehearsals and its implementation

B5.The acceptance of the application for participation in the Festival is a commitment for the participants to the terms and conditions laid down in this chapter


  • Applications which not include the above material and  documents ,per case ,will be considered incomplete for evaluation  and therefore invalid
  • Necessary condition for the valid submission of proposal is the completion of the published application form which can be found at
  •  The chosen artists will be informed via e-mail within the month of January


The Organization is committed to ensuring the implementation of these actions. A priori Supporter of the section “New creators in the city” is the “Flux Laboratory Athens”

Please note that in the event of failure to find sufficient funding for payment and support for the actions, the organization may cancel the implementation of the action.



D1. The parties agree to collaborate in the best possible manner achieving the desired aim.

D2. The chosen actions will be presented for the first time and exclusively during the Dance Days 10 implementation

D3. Dance Days Chania is the co-producer for the design and implementation of the action. The co producer should be acknowledged in any further presentation of the piece. Accordingly, the organization in any promo of the action should indicate the creator

D4. The participants are required to announce to the Festival, on their own initiative, any changes regarding their personal information (Passport number, ID number, telephone number, e-mail address ,e.t.c.) banking information ,within ten (10) days of its change .

D5. Falling to inform of any of the above changes, the Festival doesn’t bear any responsibility for any problems arise from the omission

D6. In the case that that the participant/s will cancel his/their participation after the Festival’s announcement, he/they are responsible to pay any possible expenses made until that point

D7. In the case of illness the participant is obligated to inform the Festival as soon as possible, by sending via e-mail, a medical certificate issued from a Hospital, regarding the illness and its duration

D8. No liability is incurred by the parties in the case of cancellation of the participation for reasons of force majeure throughout its duration .The part that is being inflicted is obliged to inform the other within a reasonable time.

D9. Disputes /differences between the parties will be resolved by negotiation


E1. The participants agree to reproduce the material related with their event in t.v., radio, press and the internet for promotional and informational reasons

E2.The reproduction by the organizer -co producer is free



F1.The Festival is providing its integrated technical support available to all groups and individual creators

F2. The chosen participants will agree with the Festival regarding the technical demands and the final technical plan for the action‘s implementation

F3. The companies wishing to bring their own technical crew are totally responsible for its expenses 


The Festival is taking care of the participants’ accommodation and informs for the dates and place of accommodation, in reasonable time

Further expenses than the room (use of the phone, mini bar e.t.c.) or the house are charged to the participant/s

G1. With the completion of each action the participants are required to empty the house of their accommodation and depart

G2.The participants wishing to stay longer than the agreed time frame should:

  • inform at least twenty (20) days before their arrival the Festival organizers
  • take care for their accommodation, beyond the Festival’s organization
  • cover 50% of the fees for return tickets already issued by the Festival .This applies also in the event of change of a ticket for any reason

G3.Part of the meals’ expenses will be covered, upon request, by the organizers



The organizers will undertake the transportation (arrival-departure) of the artists covering:

H1.Low cost return tickets Athens -Chania –Athens by plane or boat .The Festival is in response only for the expenses of the dancers, performers and the choreographer of each participating company .The participants travelling from countries outside of Greece are fully charged for their extra travel expenses 

H2.Only one carry-on luggage per person is permitted for the air tickets. The fees for carrying more lug gage and sets will be charged to the participant/s only

H3.The Festival is not responsible for any lost luggage, sets or personal or not belongings of the participants remaining in the performance space, especially after the end of their performance

H4.Changes from the participant/s of already booked tickets will be surcharged to the participant only, as well as the compensation owed to the travel agency. The amount will be subtracted from the participants’ payment

H5.The Festival’s organizers are taking care of the participants’ transportation only:

  • upon arriving at the Chania airport, the Souda Harbor and the Chania KTEL bus station
  • departing from the accommodation place and going to the Chania airport, the Souda harbor and the Chania KTEL bus station

Thank you very much and we are looking forward for your application!

Organized by:

Syn-Kinisi” Association of Expressive Dance

Artistic Director
Sofia Falierou
Dance Days Chania Organizing Team