Video Dance

 27.07 – 29.07

Soliloquio (Soliloqy)Lorena López Aguado – Mexico
CAGE – Fear of missing outYerin Lee (yenn_dance) – UK & Korea
StakraSara Bonaventura – Italy
DavidElizabeth Arifien – UK
SpectraStephanie Scheubeck – UK
Inside OutJessica Moritz & Diana Schuemann – France,Israel, Germany
NILYNDAJill Crovisier – Luxembourg
Walls of LimerickKat and Dawg Productions – Ireland
MILFSHAKEVito Alfarano – Italy
I HAVE A DREAMVito Alfarano – Italy
The Wall Around MeFrancesca Poglie – Italy
Why Don-t You Hold MeSideris Nanoudis – Greece
My jackets are my friendsShion Skye Carter – Canada
LINNLydia Touliatou – Greece

Gender Production LineAngelos Papadopoulos – Greece
BOOKANIMA: DanceShon KIM – S. Korea / USA
KartoonRiccardo De Simone – Italy
CRITTERFelipe Bittencourt – Brazil
THULE – Beyond the borders of the known worldAna Baer (MX/US) and Heike Salzer (GER/UK)
Re:Born – a short dance film about getting upAnnemijn Rijk – Netherlands
ORBITAL – Documentation, Site-Specific PerformanceIoannis Karounis – Greece
Happily Ever AfterAlva Morgenstern – Austria
Alveare Luigi Coppola – Italy
Body Never LiesMaya Lukic – Aphrodite Antypa – Greece

Dancing for a reason, curated by Margarita Stavraki

Why does an artist use dance on screen as a mean of artistic expression? Is the story that he wants to tell us more expressive through movement? Is it the rhythm and the image of the moving bodies that activates him? Or is it the dance itself that tries to put it on the screen frame and see it as a spectator?

1. Αnastasia Diga, The rosetta mission vol.1, Greece 2016
2. Barbara Brugola, To See The Sky, Dance, Italy 2018
3. Daphna Mero, Washed, Israel 2012
4. Marta Arjona & Alexia Pascual, L’aroma de la terra mullada li sembla més dolça que mai, Spain 2019
5. Louise Coetzer & Oscar O’Ryan, GIVE/TAKE (the act of erasure), South Africa 2019

27 – 29 July

“Kipos” Open air municipality cinema
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