Maria Pisiou & George Panopoulos – Visible City #1

The site-specific performance Visible City #1 is an attempt to map the invisible city of Ersilia,

which Italo Calvino narrates in his work “Invisible cities”. The mapping is taking place in the city of Chania, today. In the city of Ersilia, there is no invariable space and time; everything is shaped by the relations of the subjects. The design of the performance consists of three levels: soundspace, stage set up and the movement of the human body. Ersilia unfolds in three points of the city of Chania: in the Medieval wall (Sifaka street), in a neighborhood square (Melhisedek square) and in the old aqueduct (Spalntzia, next to St. Nicola’s church). Ersilia is peeled, bears naked. The dancers are in constant relationship between them, with the space defining them. Sometimes are the ones who define the space. There is water, there are ropes. The sound finds us from different points and shapes us, dancers and audience.

Note: It is necessary the use of earphones for the observation of the first part of the performance. The audience is kindly requested to bring earphones. If that is not possible a limited number of earphones will be provided by the Festival.

Site specific performance by new creators


Conception –idea: Maria Pisiou
Choreography: Maria Pisiou in collaboration with the dancers
Sound Design: Niovi Kitsiou
Performers: Alkis Mparmpas, Yiorgos Panopoulos, Maria Pisiou, Polina Chrysafi
Dramaturgical advice: Rodia Vomvolou

25  July

19:30 Byzantine Walls (Sifaka str.) – Melhisedek sqr. – Aqueduct (Saint Nicholas- Splantzia)

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